A change of name for the Roman Road Town Team

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Roman Road Town Team, the people who brought you this website and the Roman Road Festival, has renamed itself Roman Road Resident and Business Association, or RRRBA.

The Roman Road arch at the western entrance of Roman Road Market on the corner of St Stephen's Road
Western entrance of Roman Road Market on the corner of St Stephen’s Road

“Following continued confusion about our governance, we have changed our name to the Roman Road Resident and Business Association as we think this better reflects our status as a non-profit Community Interest Group representing both the businesses on Roman Road and the residents they serve” explains founding member, local resident and recently elected councillor, Rachel Blake.

The RRRBA comprises nine directors: Rachel Blake, Jeryl Whitelock, Clare Burgess, Joshua Peck, Nick Pettesen, Irene de Lorenzis, Jennifer Thompson, Holly Stout and Tabitha Stapely. Tabitha Stapely is also Chair and Jeryl Whitelock is Secretary.

This year has already been very busy for the RRRBA with the launch of this website and the delivery of the Roman Road Festival. The RRRBA team is now organising the Roman Road Winter Festival which will run from Friday 5th December to Sunday 7th December.

The work produced by the RRRBA is in accordance with a resident-led vision about the high street regeneration of Roman Road and Roman Road Market. At its inception, the group organised consultations with local residents and the results of these consultations fed into a ‘vision’ for Roman Road placing importance on community events, regeneration of empty shops, and a more varied retail offering.




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  1. great news! i’ve re-posted on FB (local residents association) and look forward to the improvements we all can effect.