provides a platform to showcase the businesses, residents and communities of Roman Road and Bow.

This website is published by Roman Road Trust and managed by Stapely+Co, a digital publishing company that specialises in solutions for the high street and hyper local communities.

We currently have roles for:

History researcher

Researching history of Roman Road and Bow to help compile Wikipedia entry for Roman Road London, and to contribute to archive materials, events and exhibitions about the area.


Interviewing the owners of local businesses and writing a profile of them for our online shop directory.

Online writer

Write a monthly piece about life in Bow and the surrounding area of Mile End, Bromley-by-Bow, Fish Island, Globe Town and Vicky Park, covering the bars, cafes, shops, markets, events and activities.


Take portraits of local shop owners at their shops on Roman Road.

Graphic designer

Create an interactive high street map of Roman Road.