Pizza Making Roman Road Festival Evening Meets

As part of Roman Road Festival’s Evening Meets, Domino’s Pizza invited the local community into their kitchens to learn how to make pizzas. The results were impressive.

Looking through the partition glass of Domino Pizza at the children making pizza bases during Roman Road Festival.
Looking through the partition glass at the children making pizza bases © Andrea Vladova

It’s not every day that you’re invited into Domino’s Pizza’s kitchen for a pizza making class but for Roman Road Festival Domino’s Pizza threw open their doors and let everyone get their hands on some of their dough. A highly anticipated event, the local children queued up eagerly for the 30 minute sessions. The children donned the obligatory blue aprons and blue hair nets and set to work making their creations. Pepperoni was a favourite and the children couldn’t wait to eat their handiwork fresh out of the oven.

The event was part of a programme of evening events during Roman Road Festival designed to introduce night-time economies to the high street and to offer evening leisure activities to the community. ‘Normally I have to drive the children for after school clubs and activities, so it’s great to have something fun like this on the doorstep,’ said local resident Polly Pettesen. The kids loved the freedom of being able to walk to something local, and I feel safer letting them do that now that I’ve got to know some of the local shop keepers a bit better through these Evening Meets events.’

Young girl in blue hair net and blue apron in Domino Pizza kitchen holding her pizza creation and looking proud..
The little girls is chuffed as chips about her pizza creation © Andrea Vladova

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