Free Construction Workshop at InterAct hub

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Construction diagram of Cass Interact hub, Roman Road, London The Interact Hub on Roman Road is organising a Build Your Own Roof  construction workshop on its site on Ford Road, next the to the car park on the Roman Road and St Stephen’s Road junction.

Through this workshop you will learn all the necessary skills to build your own outdoor space for under £500 using reclaimed materials and simple but effective building techniques. Partcipants will also help build a roof for the InterAct Hub in Roman Road which will allow local communities, residents and businesses to use this small but central outdoor site for the next few years.

The course is free and welcome to everyone. Participants can join any day of the week, for the morning from 10AM, afternoon from 2PM, or all day. Interact will be providing all the tools and equipment needed, hot beverage and home-made snacks.

At the end of construction week join us to celebrate the new roof for the InterAct site! You will have the possibility to meet great local organisations that are working very closely with the Roman Road community. Tea & home-made cake will be served on the day

Please be prepared for getting hands-on and wear appropriate clothing and foot-wear. No previous construction knowledge is needed, you will be learning all you need to know on the day. Sign up to the InterAct Facebook page for updates on workshops, exhibitions and events that will take place at the InterAct site and in Roman Road.

About the Interact community room

The InterAct hub is the result of an initiative between the Roman Road Trust, Public Works, Cass School Art, Architecture and Design,  and the Council’s Enterprise Team.

InterAct explores what makes a neighbourhood civic and its critical scale.

It started last year by re-framing the area around the Roman Road in East end of London as a spine to the ‘Civic Neighbourhood’ forming its identity through local collaborative practices, tapping into the vibrant mix of social rituals and local customs.

This project explores our contemporary cities, the relationships we construct and values we hold, no longer in the service of dogmatic commonalities imposed by the state, rather, what are common to civic neighbourhoods being culturally diverse, and constantly in flux.

The primary focus of the project this year is looking at an informal temporary civic hub that facilitates development of social relations through a 6 month collaborative cultural program and exploration of a more permanent civic centre in collaboration with London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Roman Road residents and business association.

Historically, Town Halls have been designed as a singular figure, an iconic manifestation of civic presence. ‘Civic’ has stood for the common values held in order to construct relationships between the city dweller and the powers of those who govern it.

We are currently exploring archipelago of ‘Miniature Town Halls’ connecting communality & privacy and ‘Civic Sheds’, as both envelope and figures of democracy.
As an ensemble of pieces, we will re-imagine a town centre that allows constant state of change and flux: “favouring: multi-use spaces, structures that are adaptable, projects that privilege the passage of time and acknowledge the realities of users’ changing needs and the inevitable transformations of space”[1].

How to join in

Construction Week is 15-19 February with sessions every morning from 10am to 1pm and every afternoon  from 2pm to 6pm.

The completed project will be celebrated at the Inauguration on Saturday 20th February between 12pm – 4pm.

Sign up by messaging via the InterAct Facebook page, emailing or calling +44 (0)79 26710660 to let the team know what day or days you’d like to to attend.

Then just turn up at InterAct, Ford Road, E3 5NS and get stuck in!

1. Spatial agency