The Great British High Street Awards 2014

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The Roman Road Residents and Business Association (or the RRRBA, and formerly Roman Road Town Team) has entered Roman Road into the Great British High Street Awards 2014 and here’s how you can secure Roman Road’s high street win.

Great British High Street poster with Roman Road London logo
Roman Road’s entry for the Great British High Street Awards 2014

Roman Road has got a great chance of winning. If it does, the Roman Road Residents and Business Association (the team who brought you this very website and Roman Road Festival) could win a possible £10,000 to go towards high street initiatives including the planned Roman Road Winter Festival.

To help Roman Road win we need your messages of support on Twitter and Facebook. The more activity on Twitter and Facebook that can be mustered, the more the judges can get a feel for the wide range of projects that the Roman Road Residents and Business Association (RRRBA) has undertaken to help the high street and the local community.

We need endorsements from all parts of the community: residents, businesses, community groups, artists, charities – to reflect the huge range of people who have been involved in this work. So, whoever you are, your opinion makes a difference.

There are two easy ways to support Roman Road’s bid:

1. Twitter *

Please tweet @RomanRoadLDN and say what you think the RRRBA has done well for Roman Road with these hashtags: #GBHighSt and #RRRBA

2. Facebook 

  • Go to the RomanRoadLDN Facebook post
  • Add a comment about what you think the #RRRBA has done that is great for Roman Road
  • Share it to a friend and ask them to support Roman Road by adding a comment too

* The judges specify support should be shared via Twitter, but if you don’t have Twitter then use Facebook. If you are on both then please do both!

A reminder of what RRRBA has done for Roman Road:

As a reminder, here are some of the great activities and initiatives which the Roman Road Residents and Business Association (RRRBA) has undertaken already, with many more to come:

  1. organised a community consultation process, the results of which informed the RRRBA vision
  2. created a unifying logo and branding for Roman Road
  3. launched a website that offers local news and features for residents
  4. launched a website that offers a marketing platform for local businesses (see the Shop profiles)
  5. created and maintained social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  6. marketed and publicised both Roman Road and Roman Road Market
  7. designed and published a trail map encouraging exploration of local architecture, history and culture
  8. launched a photo/memory sharing Facebook group to help define and deepen a sense of local identity and belonging
  9. contributed to planning and licensing decisions in support of high street regeneration
  10. organised and delivered major community events (eg Christmas Market and Roman Road Festival) attracting over 4,000 people
  11. trialled new street design such as back-to-back stalls
  12. created a temporary pocket park for the Wimbledon Final screening
  13. worked closely with local groups (schools, churches, charities) to ensure involvement from all parts of the community
  14. delivered a ‘designer-maker’ fair to showcase local artists, designers and craftspeople
  15. supported leisure activities and night time economies by organising evening events in high street shops
  16. completed an audit of all shops and businesses along the Roman Road
  17. identified the ownership of each empty shop to help businesses wanting to locate to the road to find suitable premises
  18. initiated a partnership between LBTH and London Met University for Roman Road to be the subject of Architecture/Art coursework
Drum works playing at Roman Road Festival with green festival balloon in foreground
Local children playing the drums as part of Barbican Drumworks

Thank you kind friends of Roman Road.


Update 01.02.2015

Unfortunately, Roman Road’s entry for Great British Awards was not shortlisted.

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  1. Patrick Cooper

    An amazing amount achieved in the last year which has given the whole area a fantastic stimulus: also has built significant foundations and goodwill for the future. Patrick Cooper