No more fast food outlets: 577 Roman Road

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We need your help to stop another fast food outlet from opening on Roman Road. Please help us to object to a planning application for another take-away on Roman Road.

No more fast food. 459 Roman Road.
No more fast food outlets please

An application has been put in to turn 577 Roman Road – currently A1 Cakes – into another take-away.  Residents have told us they want fewer take-aways – and more shops – on Roman Road.

If you agree, please email by 15 May 2014 with the below.
Thank you
Roman Road Residents and Business Association

Dear Sirs

I OBJECT for the current application for a change of use from A1 retail to A5 hot food takeaway for 577 Roman Road, on the basis that allowing the loss of another retail unit will materially damage the viability, vitality and economic role of Roman Road town centre by:

– losing a retail unit in a key retail position on the Roman Road
– allowing retail use to fall further below 50%, the level specified in the Managing Development Document of the Core Strategy
– allowing hot food take-aways – already 17 on Roman Road East – to dominate the road, at the expense of a viable retail environment.

I request that you therefore REFUSE this application.