Save our Shops: 422 Roman Road PA/15/00136

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The RRRBA needs your help to object to a second application for 422 Roman Road to change it’s use from a shop to an insurance office.

Save Our Shops: 422 Roman Road
Save Our Shops: 422 Roman Road

Last year, we managed to stop 422 Roman Road  being granted permission to change from a shop to an insurance office – nonetheless, they kept using it as an insurance office and now are applying again on the basis that they’ve been doing so for a year.

We would like the Council to uphold its its decision to object to this change of us. If allowed, this will contribute to the gradual reduction in available, viable shop units – at a time when our Group is contacted regularly by people desperately searching for shop units to open fantastic shops and not being able to find anywhere.

Please copy and paste the letter below into an email to the following address, remembering to CC us so that we can record the number of objections submitted.;


Dear Planners

I would like to OBJECT to application PA/15/00136 for change of use at 422 Roman Road.

The application at 422 would result in the loss of an A1 retail unit to A2, which would bring the overall provision of A1 units within the Roman Road East District Town centre to a critically low level. It would reinforce an over-concentration of A2 uses to this vital central stretch of the Roman Road, undermining the town centre position within the town centre hierarchy. The loss of this A1 retail unit would be unacceptable in this location and be contrary to policy SP01 (4b) of the Core Strategy (2010), policy DM1 of the Development Management Document and policies 2.15 nd 4.8 of the London Plan.

The applicant applied for change of use from A1 to A2 in July last year – the need for A1 units has not changed since then and the Council should restate its decision to object to this change of use.

For these reasons, I request that you REFUSE this applications.