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Are you running a project, campaign or initiative that you want to share with the community? Our Project listings allow you to showcase your organisation, partners, funders, events and opportunities. Here is an example of a Project showcase page.

Complimentary, self-managed Project listings

Project listings are complimentary if you have an active Place listing. You can create, edit and update your Place listing yourself. Just fill in the form below.

Please note, you will not be able to submit the form if your images are over 300kb in size. Images must be landscape.

White Glove: Your affordable outsourced media department

Free up your time and resources with our White Glove serviced Project packages. We will create a professional, public-facing page for your Project and we will upload and optimise your events and notices every week. You can choose from three monthly service packages depending on how much content you want us to manage.

Please note there is an obligatory setup fee of £250 for the serviced Project packages. See CONNECT setup prices and features here.