Bow’s Liveable Streets scheme invites local feedback in upcoming workshops

Tower Hamlet’s Council are revisiting Bow’s Liveable Streets scheme with a trio of group workshops inviting residents to consider new options after the road closure trial in Bow was suspended in July, and ultimately cancelled, just hours into the process.

Workshops have been arranged to further encourage local feedback and increase understanding of the programme and its impact. Discussions in each session will help inform design proposals for the scheme.

Three workshops will be running across the week of the 26 November, lasting two and a half hours each. There will be a 15 minute break separating the session into two parts.

The first half of the workshop will involve a presentation of information collected so far focusing on traffic management, with attendees having the opportunity to discuss findings and offer feedback.

Suggestions for making public spaces more pedestrian friendly and improving public transport will then be discussed in the second section. The workshops will involve dividing people into groups of six to eight, with one member of the Liveable streets team per group.

The previous road closure trial was cut short due to traffic diversion issues and protests at the bus gate. However, its cancellation did improve local engagement with the scheme, as 1,980 people signed a petition calling for the proposed changes to Tredegar Road, Coborn Road, and adjoining streets to be stopped due to disruption to traffic and overall community. Meanwhile, an opposing petition asked that the trial be reinstated and last for longer.

With aims to cut air pollution and improve public spaces, prioritising public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians, Liveable Streets, a 5 million scheme hopes to increase journeys made by public transport to 80 per cent in London by 2041.

To ensure this goal is achieved, the Liveable Streets scheme aims to improve bus services at St Stephens Road/Roman Road, reduce congestion on St Stephens Road, and add continuous footways. Improved road safety and cycling measures are also planned for Old Ford Road.

As it stands, the programme will impact 60 per cent of the borough, taking place within 17 different areas that have not received any recent funding or substantial development, including Roman Road and Bow.

The scheme is proposed to take place over four years, with the point of initiation to beginning construction taking 12 months in each of the 17 areas.

Should you wish to attend a workshop, the dates, times, and locations are as follows:

Tuesday 26 November 2019 6:30pm-9pm at Olga Primary School, E3 5DN

Thursday 28 November 2019 6:30pm-9pm at Butley Court Community Centre, E3 5LT

Saturday 30 November 2019 10am-12:30pm at Butley Court Community Centre, E3 5LT

To RSVP to one of the workshops and for more information please visit the Eventbrite page. If you would like to know more about the proposed plans prior to the workshop or wish to email before the 25 November, please visit the Liveable Streets page.

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