Georgia Patsouraki Humans of Roman Road exhibition [GALLERY]

Photographer Georgia Patsouraki specialises in documenting traditions and in her latest exhibitions, Humans of Roman Road, she turns her attention to the elders of Bow.

Humans of Roman Road is an ongoing project that refers to people who were born and raised, worked, fell in love in Roman Road. In collaboration with the Roman Road Residents Association (RRRBA), Age UK Charity and Bow Geezers Club, Patsourkari has built up a body of work documenting three local residents, Ray Gipson, Ted Deathridge, and Ted Lewis.

Patsouraki‘s sympathy for and awareness of the elderly, inspires her to create short stories of their lives. It’s part of a long-term exploration of a human life, of celebration, of gratefulness and survival. Patsoukari spends considerable time developing close and trusting relationships with her subjects, to learn about their history and background as a way of deepening the portraiture.

Patsourakii’s eye lingers on mundane, concrete details – a dark brown leather sofa, flowers in the garden, a bathroom design, old posters, or trophies won in a boxing fight – yet these become universal and ageless thanks to the deep connection she makes with the subject. Patsoukari shares the experience of meeting these people with the viewer, showing their lives in pictures as a narrative of their lives.

The exhibition runs from the 12th to the 26th of September at St Paul’s Church on St Stephen’s Road. The opening event will be at 6pm on Friday 12th September.

Two portraits of young girls
© Georgia Patsouraki
Clock on a white tiled kitchen wall
The Vision is a long-term document that will influence planning and policies for Roman Road and Roman Road Market over time. It will be reviewed and updated at regular intervals © Georgia Patsouraki
Ray Gipson's sofa
© Georgia Patsouraki
Photographs of Bow Geezer Ted Lewis
© Georgia Patsouraki

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