The Junior Suffrafettes at the East London Federation of Suffragette's New year party at Bow baths, East London, in 1916. Middle row, left, sixteen-year-old Rose Pangelly plays the panpipes.

Book review: Natural Born Rebel, a biography of Sylvia Pankhurst

Our book reviewer Tabitha Potts reads Natural Born Rebel, Rachel Holmes’ biography of Sylvia Pankhurst, which tells the riveting story

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The adventures of Norah Smyth: her life as a suffragette, philanthropist and artist

Following exclusive information shared by Norah Smyth’s great nephew writer Jane McChyrstal reveals fascinating new insights into the adventurous life of the elusive suffragette, philanthropist and photographer who dedicated her personal wealth and artistic talent to social justice.

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Suffragette Rosaline McCheyne (2nd from left) with family members . © Anne Padfield desc. of Rosaline McCheyne.

Rosaline McCheyne: the unforgettable, forgotten East End Suffragette

Her activism did not stop there. McCheyne was responsible for the admin work of the ELFS. She would organise pitches for the selling and distributing of the Woman’s Dreadnought (the ELFS’s newspaper) in the hopes of drawing in supporters and members. And this was not as “simple as it might sound” she said in an account of a day in her life. And yet, she could sell “more newspapers than any of the other districts”, from around twenty-eight a week to around a thousand in time.

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New mural of Clara Grant pays tribute to Bow’s history of social pioneers

‘I picked the inside of the Mary le Bow church because the Bow Bells are the iconic association with this area. And when I started researching historical people that we could include, I wanted to find someone who helped alleviate poverty because that’s what so much of the local history of this area is about.’

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