Artist Peter Liversidge, who put up his signs with the help of his son.

‘Thank you NHS’: the local artist whose sign paintings on Roman Road went viral

‘I just wanted to thank people,’ says Liversidge. ‘ All the key workers are just doing their everyday jobs, that they do in their normal life. But at same time they are taking these huge risks to their lives by doing just that.’

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East London Community Band provides relief for those affected most by Covid-19

Rohan is eleven years old and plays the clarinet. ‘I like that there’s different age groups, and we all play together, and hang out afterwards. I miss my friends, and I can’t wait to see them in real life when all this is over. But I’m glad we haven’t stopped our lessons, and we’re still seeing each other.’

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Photos by Harry East

Q&A: Local actor Jennifer Dixon on breaking boundaries in the London theatre scene

‘Sense of community is the soul of this area, Roman Road included. I felt so out of place when I first came to London but Tower Hamlets has been at the root of all my relationships with people of varying ethnicities, races and genders (or lack thereof).’

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