Pelican Cottage in the 1970s when the yard was Bates Scrap Metal Merchants, a few years after Marion and her parents had left. The front door is bricked up and the house left in disrepair.

The story of Pelican Cottage and William Press Yard

Recently discovered archive photographs of Pelican Cottage reveal its links to the neighbouring William Press Yard and life in ‘fifties

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The Junior Suffrafettes at the East London Federation of Suffragette's New year party at Bow baths, East London, in 1916. Middle row, left, sixteen-year-old Rose Pangelly plays the panpipes.

Book review: Natural Born Rebel, a biography of Sylvia Pankhurst

Our book reviewer Tabitha Potts reads Natural Born Rebel, Rachel Homes’ biography of Sylvia Pankhurst, which tells the riveting story

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