Ownership & Funding


Roman Road LDN is published by Social Streets C.I.C, a not-for-profit news and media organisation that publishes local news and culture magazines in London, United Kingdom, that also publishes Bethnal Green LDNPoplar LDNWhitechapel LDN and The Slice Tower Hamlets.

Social Streets C.I.C, Company Number 08533645, is a registered Limited company covered by the laws of England & Wales.

Social Streets’ full registered address is 13 Selwyn Road, London, E3 5EA. The business contact number is 020 3972 4988.

Social Streets is a Community Interest Company, which means the Company is not established or conducted for private gain and any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the Community.

The charitable objective of Social Streets, as stated in the Articles of Association, is to increase participation in local communities and in projects that benefit the community.

The Ownership Structure of Social Streets comprises 100 shares, of which Miss Tabitha Stapely owns all shares.

There are two directors of the business – Founder and Director Miss Tabitha Stapely and Company Secretary Mr Paul O’Neill.

Our provenance

Roman Road LDN was launched by Social Streets C.I.C as a full-time publication in 2018, but the website’s story begins four years prior.

The original website was set up in 2014 by the Roman Road Trust, a community development organisation that wanted to provide a simple information website for the high street. It was used primarily to promote the Roman Road Festival, also run by Roman Road Trust, which was held annually from 2014 to 2016. After the end of the festival, the website became dormant.

In 2018, former magazine editor and Social Streets C.I.C founder Tabitha Stapely proposed developing the Roman Road LDN website into a fully-fledged, independent local magazine. Roman Road Trust recognised the potential benefits to the local community and economy and agreed for it to become fully independent. Roman Road LDN is now fully owned and funded by Social Streets C.I.C.


Social Streets is the sole owner of the lists of signed up Subscribers on all its publications and all its social media platforms.

We receive monthly donations from our readers. The average donation amount is £3 per month.

So far the largest single individual donation received has been £1,000 during the 2020 crowdfunding campaign.

If any donations over £5,000 are received it would be our intention to publish these on our website.

We are under no obligation to accept all donations and if we felt at any time such a donation would compromise our work or integrity we have a right to refuse it.

We receive listings fees from businesses. These are discounted by two-thirds for local businesses as part of our commitment to support the local economy.

We also sell branded merchandise and the profits from this are reinvested in the news and media organisation.

We aim to be fully funded by reader donations and business listings within five years. Until that point, the majority of the editorial operations are cross-subsidised by providing digital marketing services, training and consultancy.

Social Streets regularly works for the local authority by providing digital training to market traders and small business owners who have low digital skills. The monies we receive for this are spent entirely on our education programmes and in no way subsidise or influence our editorial work.

We comply fully with the company laws of England and Wales and as such full accounting procedures are in place.

We also comply fully with GDPR laws on data privacy and are open and transparent about any data we hold.

Annual Reports

Roman Road LDN is published by Social Streets C.I.C whose annual reports are published on their company website.

If you have any questions related to the above please e-mail us on tabitha@socialstreets.co