Peckover Butchers’ Toulouse sausage recipe

Peckover Butchers’ homemade sausages are one of their best selling products so we were keen to get our hands on his recipe for Toulouse sausage –  it’s much simpler than you think especially as you can get the sausage casing from Peckovers.

Peckovers Butchers, formerly known as Brian Roberts and with a distinguishing BEEF graffiti on the roller shutters, is now one of the most popular and busy butcher shops on Roman Road. Alongside the traditional cheap cuts and salt beef that kept the post-war East End fed, Peckovers offers free-range and locally-sourced meat and is passionate about quality.


  • 1.125kg course mince pork (10% fat)
  • 10g salt
  • Half tablespoon ground black pepper
  • Quarter of a bunch fresh parsley
  • Two cloves chopped garlic
  • Sausage casing, available from Peckovers Butchers

Chop parsley and garlic and add it to the bowl full of mince pork

Add salt and pepper and toss well

Put the mixture into the fridge and let it settle for an hour

Hang the sausages in a cool place for 4-8 hours

Using your hands, form sausages according to your preferences or use a sausage casing (can be bought at the local butchers)

Once they have dried a bit, put in the fridge until needed. They will keep for at least a week in the fridge

Fry the sausages in a pan until brown or bake in the oven. If oven cooking, the cooking time will depend on the shape and size of the meat pieces however it will be cooked when the core temperature reaches 74 degrees Celsius. Use a meat thermometer to check this.

Optional additions are nutmeg and white wine.

Serve with some mash potatoes and peas or use them for breakfast fry-up.

If you’d like to know more about Peckover Butchers, have a look at our interview with the owner Gavin Peckover.




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