Too Good To Go – the app fighting food waste

If you are not already swooping down on end-of-day foodie bargains from our favourite local eateries, then you might be interested in downloading the Too Good To Go app. Many of our favourite Roman Road businesses are signed up already, selling their unsold sarnies and soups at cracking discounts.

Too Good To Go is an app that has been designed to reduce food waste. It gives businesses the chance to sell their left-over meals at a discount and allows people to buy perfectly good food for less.

Cafes, juice bars and restaurants on the app list how many left-over meals they have at the end of the day and what they will cost, with all dishes reduced to between £2 and £3.80.

Users select what they want, pay for it through the app and collect their meal in designated hours (usually before closing on the same day). Customers don’t know what exactly they get until they pick it up at the restaurant. You will be able to select a sandwich or a pastry but it doesn’t give precise details on each product.

Too Good To Go app food waste

Local places on the Too Good To Go app

East London is leading the way for this app and many local restaurants and cafes have already signed up to the platform. Some of the local foodie places include:

  • The Pizza Room and The Coffee Room offering Mediterranean wraps, pastries and cakes
  • La Table Des Saveurs Bow,
  • Mae + Harvey,
  • The Park Cafe in Victoria Park full of amazing cakes,
  • Symposium
  • Magus and the Fool
  • Mama’s Pizza and Grill in Mile End
  • Balcone in Hackney
  • Numerous restaurants in Westfield Stratford.

About Too Good to Go founders

The aim of the app is to reduce food waste. According to Wrap, a national organisation for the prevention of food waste in the UK, 210,000 tonnes of food that is thrown away annually by UK restaurants.

The two co-founders, Londoners Jamie Crummie and Chris Wilson, wanted to create a platform which would allow businesses to sell their surplus food at a discount rather than it being thrown away. They stumbled upon this concept while attending a technology event in Denmark, who are already blazing a trail in food waste innovations. The duo approached the team in Denmark and set upon bringing the technology to the UK.

Up to this date, Too Good To Go partnered with over 15,000 stores, 6 million people use the app, and over 7.8 million meals have been rescued. It is an amazing way of helping to tackle food waste and providing more affordable meals to residents.

Crummie and Wilson are already talking to big chains like Nando’s about signing up to the platform, which would mean a big change in how the country tackles food waste.

It launched back in 2016 but only started gaining scale and traction this year.

Too Good To Go tackling food waste app

The app is available to download from App Store and Google Play and is free.

If you enjoyed reading this article, why not have a look at another great high street app created by local resident Pamela Tironi.


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