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Place listing page for Organisation Members

Want your place listed in our Local Directory? Want to edit your profile page? Submit an additional place? This is the correct page – use the form below.


As a member, you can create a place listing for your business or organisation. This is called a ‘Place listing’. No matter if you’re an organisation, a business or if you operate an online service, your ‘Place listing’ is the spine of your membership account.

Once your ‘Place listing’ is live, you can then publish unlimited events, notices and projects that are associated with your ‘place’ at no extra cost.

If you manage or own more than one premise, each one will need its own ‘Place listing’. This allows you to enter different contact and location details for each one, and tether events, notices and projects to the relevant Place listing.

Membership Costs

Please note, the costs below show the monthly costs but payment is taken annually.

£7 per month, Subsidised (subsidised by a Philanthropic Member)
£15 per month, *Fair* (this covers our time and costs)
£25 per month, Generous (because you can! You get more discounts as a thank you!)
£50 per month, Philanthropic (sponsors five businesses who require subsidy)

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Before you complete the form

Please read our step by step instructions before you start the form. They will tell you what you will need to have ready before you can submit the form.

View step-by-step form submission instructions here.