Become a member of Roman Road LDN to support your neighbourhood and local journalism. We are pioneering impact media, where journalism is used to create social impact. We work to:

  • Create a new model of community-centred journalism
  • Unite rather than divide a community
  • Support a more local, human scale of living
  • Celebrate the culture and heritage of our diverse communities
  • Provide jobs and opportunities to local young people
  • Enable members to publish their own content

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Membership for Individuals

Support local journalism and the local community. Our reader members can ask us to cover stories and can share their views and opinions in our community news section.

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Membership for Organisations

Support local journalism and the local economy. Our organisational members can publish business profiles, events and news on our website and get 10% off advertising online and in our print magazine The Slice Tower Hamlets.

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How your membership helps

We asked our readers, how does local journalism support the local economy?

“I often forward articles to friends, like the one about Mark the fruit vendor to tell my sister-in-law where to shop.”

“It encourages people to visit places that might not have that much advertisement power.”

“It’s great to hear the back story of a place. For instance, I’ve been meaning to go to some of the cafes or restaurants and your mag is a reminder of this.”

“It encourages people to visit the area and establishes a place as a destination that is worthy of visiting.”

“Increases knowledge and therefore an interest in exploring new experiences which is inspiring and uplifting.”

Here to serve

We are a small team of journalists and digital experts that care about you and our community. We are always on hand to help with any questions you have. No chatbots! Email us on