About Us

Our mission

Roman Road LDN is published by Social Streets CIC, which was founded to increase engagement and participation in local communities and their economies.

We believe community journalism connects readers with their area and each other. We believe celebrating the lives of local people, sharing the stories of local businesses, unearthing the riches of local culture and heritage, and providing a platform for people to have their say, strengthens community ties and boosts the local economy.

Journalism is a struggling industry clinging desperately to the way things have always been done. Our role is to explore alternatives, to see if a grassroots approach to news can not just survive, but flourish.

We want to reinvent the publishing model for the 21st century, moving away from reliance on ad revenue and instead modelling journalism built around local identity and community.

We are a work in progress. Mistakes will be made, kooky experiments will be conducted and some will end up on the cutting room floor, but that’s the game we’re in. The readership is there. The rest will come. We hope you’ll join us.

Our provenance

Roman Road LDN is an independent local magazine covering Bow and Globe Town in east London. Roman Road is the ‘spine’ of our turf, hence the name. We launched as a full-time publication in 2018, but our story begins four years prior.

In 2014, residents of Bow and Globe Town organised the first Roman Road Festival, a celebration of local life, business, and art. The scale of the project, which grew to encompass dozens of events and hundreds of volunteers, sparked the creation of the Roman Road Trust.

Run by volunteers, Roman Road Trust became the face of grassroots projects in the area and provided advice and guidance to a number of local community organisations including Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum, Edible Bow, Globe Town Assembly, and Roman Road Community Land Trust who all grew into independent organisations with the support of Roman Road Trust.

Roman Road LDN is one such organisation. The brand was originally created by Roman Road Trust to give the high street an identity. When former magazine editor and Social Streets C.I.C founder Tabitha Stapely proposed developing the brand into a fully-fledged community-led local magazine in 2018, Roman Road Trust recognised the potential benefits to the local community and economy. They provided the guidance needed for Social Streets C.I.C to launch Roman Road LDN as a daily online magazine and in early 2019 agreed for it to become fully independent.

Roman Road LDN is one of several place-based online publications being developed by Social Streets C.I.C, community interest company 08533645.