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Roman Road LDN is a news and culture magazine for Roman Road in East London. Discover the best kept secrets about your neighbourhood including what’s on, places to visit, new shops, best restaurants, bars and coffee places, and the top attractions in Bow, Mile End, Globe Town, and Victoria Park. Discover the rich culture and heritage of our local neighbourhood, from East End Cockneys, East London Suffragettes, Bow Grime music to British Bangladeshi.

Roman Road’s famous Roman Road Market in Bow operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from about 9am to 3pm. Find the real east end and experience a traditional street market that has stayed true to its roots and offers fantastic bargains.

Upcoming events near Roman Road


“A Glittering City” Exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery


“Is there space for empathy?” exhibition at Bow Arts

Acupuncture Clinic - 28 July 2021

All Points East 2021

Bow Skills Empathy Exchange at Nunnery Gallery - 23 September 2021

Fitness Fusion with Jax - 29 July 2021