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Our guide to the best cycle shops near Roman Road

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or looking for some information on where to get started, our guide covers the best places to buy cycling equipment and learn from cycling experts near Bow.

Cycling is important not only for travel or recreational exercise but also for the community. Each of the shops listed in our guide is noted for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. They offer help not only with fixing your bike but with improving your understanding of your bike. We have chosen cycle shops that we believe show a real passion for the craft of bicycles. 

Paradise Cycles


Having moved from Roman Road, Paradise Cycles is now located near Bethnal Green tube station. This cycle shop has a reputation as a friendly place whose helpful staff will fix your bike if you’re unlucky enough for something to go wrong. The staff will also help you understand what has gone wrong and how to better look after your bike. Their aim is to remain professional but less formal and intimidating than other bike shops

They also help people build bespoke bikes specifically for the type of cargo that they need to carry. For example, in 2021, they built a baker’s bike to carry fresh bread around South West London. Paradise Cycles created a modular stacking system of crates with an adjustable cover so that the bread could be saved from the rain.

You can find Paradise Cycles at 256 Paradise Row, London E2 9LE



Bike shop filled with bikes and bike parts seen through shop window
Courtesy of Bike Works

Bikeworks is a great place to visit if you’re just starting out cycling as they offer a selection of second-hand bikes that mechanics have verified as safe to ride. This will help you avoid getting a dodgy bike off eBay or Facebook Marketplace which could end up costing you more than you paid for it in repairs.

For anyone specifically interested in the mechanics of bikes, they also offer mechanic training programmes. 

The enterprise was created in 2006 by Zoe Portlock and Jim Blakemore and aims to get people cycling who otherwise would feel excluded due to reasons such as disability. They are invested in ensuring that recreational and commuter cycling is open to everyone. 

The classes that they offer help people who are nervous about cycling and offer a way for people to get together and make new friends.

You can find Bikeworks Shop at 204a Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 9NQ

Wicked Bike Repair


If you have someone visiting and want to take them on a bike ride to enjoy the best green spots of the East End, you can rent bikes at Wicked Bike Repair. They offer hybrids and city bikes in three different sizes.

Wicked’s owner Umberto aims to facilitate the growth of a cycling community in the East End from their base in Hackney Wick. He also wants to support cycle tourism and sells all the accessories you might need for long-distance routes. 

You can find Wicked Bike Repair at Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING, E Bay Ln, London E15 2SJ

Bow Wharf Bicycle Workshop


Based near Victoria Park, Martin at Bow Wharf Bicycle Workshop has a bit of a love him or hate him reputation but you cannot deny his in-depth knowledge of bikes. Unlike some other bike shops, Martin’s shop is known for fair pricing as well as his quirky personality. 

You can find Bow Wharf Bicycle Workshop at Bow Wharf, 221 Grove Rd., London E3 5SN

Lofty’s Bikes


A small bike shop with a window showing bikes hanging on the walls

Lofty’s is a small family-run bike repair shop with over 15 years of mechanical experience. Customers find that they are very knowledgeable and charge decent prices for their repairs. 

They offer a full service including having your wheels trued, brakes serviced and gears indexed for £60. So if your bike has been abandoned for a while a needs a bit of attention before you get it back on the road, Lofty’s is a great place to take it for a holistic service.

You can find Lofty’s Bikes at Unit A, 429 / 431 Wick Ln, Bow, London E3 2JG

Aztec’s Bikes


Man waving with a bike outside a bike shop called aztec's bike and repair shop
Image courtesy of Aztec’s Bike and Repair Shop

A couple called Angie and Marco run this local cycle repair shop in Bow. Their shop is a very friendly, family-oriented environment. Their daughter Carmen even helps out there. Marco, who has worked in the industry for ten years, started the business in his living room.

They have a loyal client base and are successful because of the trust that they have built with the local community. Marco will help you understand what is going wrong with your bike and always do his best to help. His passion for bikes means that he knows inside out.

You can find Aztec’s Bikes at 4 Corsican Sq, London E3 3XS



You’ll find Frankenbike in Hackney Wick. The shop was opened by Alex who decided he wanted to build a base from which he could share his own personal love of cycling and encourage new people to get on a bike. He has over nine years of experience and is a qualified mechanic.

They sell recycled, upcycled, retro and vintage second-hand bikes that are fully refurbished so there’s no need to spend extra money on a brand-new bike if you don’t have the budget. 

Also, if you’re looking to make your own bike a little more stylish, they also offer bike painting services. You can refresh your bike’s old colour or change it altogether. 

You can find Aztec’s Bikes at 4 Corsican Sq, London E3 3XS

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