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Best outdoor exercise classes near Roman Road

Our guide to the best outdoor exercise classes near Roman Road offers you the perfect activity: a way to feel productive while enjoying the sun with friends.

The weather seems to be getting better (fingers crossed), and now that we can actually enjoy being outside again, there’s no excuse not to make the most of all of the beautiful green spaces we have on our doorstep, such as Victoria Park and Bethnal Green Gardens. Exercising outside is a great way to spend time with your besties—or maybe even make some new friends—while strengthening your body and clearing your head. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen our green spaces host many different types of fitness activities. Whether you’re into yoga, boxing, tennis or frisbee, there will be something for you. Both exercise and sunlight can make you feel infinitely better, so if you’re feeling a bit down, try one of our suggested activities. 



YogaGem yoga classes held outdoors in Victoria Park.

Gemma Tomkinson has been practising yoga since 2014. She believes that yoga is the key to a strong body and mind. Her Rise & Shine Morning Vinyasa sessions will help you kick start the weekend by centring your mind and balancing your body. As the weather gets warmer, Gemma will be moving her classes outside to Victoria Park so you can enjoy the tranquillity of yoga in a hub of nature and human activity.

YogaGem’s yoga sessions will be every Saturday morning at 10 am in Victoria Park when the weather gets better. For when they will begin and for more information visit yogagem.co.uk.

Tower Hamlets Tennis


Tower Hamlets Tennis courts Victoria Park, East London

We’re lucky to have several excellent courts around Roman Road. You can find them, for example, in Victoria Park and Bethnal Green Gardens. They are run by Tower Hamlets Tennis who provide accessible tennis programmes to both adults and children. Young and older players can learn with equipment adapted to each age group, make new friends, and take one-to-one classes with an LTA Accredited Coach.

Book a court for as little as £2 per hour for under-18s and elderly people and £4 for adults. Visit Towerhamletstennis.org.uk for more information.

Yoga Body of Light


Yoga in the park

Angelika Grohmann has created Yoga Body of Light, a spiritual experience that also gives you a workout. Her specific practice is based on the precision and vigour of Iyengar Yoga but she personally focuses more on breathing and the body’s natural flow of movement. Her sessions are all-inclusive, regardless of fitness, strength or flexibility. Participants should expect non-competitive, easygoing, spacious, meditative and accessible sessions. Angelika has practised and taught yoga for more than 35 years. She believes that yoga ‘is the most challenging, most revealing path we can choose.’

Outdoor sessions in Victoria Park take place every Sunday at 9.30 am. Visit Yogabodyoflight.com for more information.

Strong + Bendy


Outdoor exercise at Strong and Bendy, Hackney Wick

Strong + Bendy is a unique fitness studio and exercise garden in Hackney Wick, East London founded by twin sisters Faye (Mouse) and Rhi. The training aims to be accessible to a wide range of people, regardless of fitness level. Faye and Rhi believe no one should feel intimidated when walking into a fitness studio or gym. Participants should expect fun workouts, led by friendly teachers, in a beautifully unique environment. You’ll be surrounded by incredible murals by world-famous street artist @zabou. If you have specific requirements due to being neurodivergent, they have a section on their website where you can check information such as how loud each session is, or how the scheduling is run. They want everyone to know that they are welcome.

Strong + Bendy classes must be booked in advance. Visit strongandbendy.co.uk for more information.



MAW boxing, outdoor exercise class in Victoria Park, East London

Whether you want to lose weight, need a new challenge, or want a change from conventional gym workouts, MAW Boxing promises that they can help. They focus on improving your strength and stamina. With former British kickboxing champion and local resident Mark Walker, sessions involve a combination of boxing and kickboxing techniques matched with strength and conditioning exercises. Together, such activity provides a total body workout every time. Improved focus, self-belief, and increased energy are some of the additional benefits that Mark aims to impart.

Boxing Bootcamp sessions take place in Victoria Park. Visit Mawboxing.com for more information.

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