George Lansbury Labour MP for Bow and Bromley: ‘a great, servant to the people’

George Lansbury, former MP of Bow and Bromley, is remembered by all for his immense devotion to the people of the East End. Unlike many politicians who were born into the life of education and power, George Lansbury was truly a man of the people. Hardships from his early years shaped him to be a compassionate and fervent ally to women and the working class of the East End.

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Sporting Bengal: the FC tackling racism in football

Sporting Bengal United F.C play their football in Mile End Stadium, after being established in 1996 to ‘challenge the underrepresentation of Asians in football’. Team captain Rokib Choudhury and their manager Imrul Gazi speak out about what needs to be done to tackle racism in the game.

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Photo by Dawud Marsh

Victoria Park: the wintery wonderland on our doorstep

These photos of Victoria Park covered in snow will help to banish any blues you might have this winter. Picturesque all year round, this green space on our doorstep has been transformed into an ethereal world dusted with snowflakes. This really is ‘the best park in the world’.

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