Photograph of Plant Lovers London, a new house plants shop on St Stephen's Road, Bow
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Plant Lovers London: Get some plant happiness even if you don’t have access to a garden

Nuzhat Khutun, owner of Plant Lovers London on St Stephen’s Road, believes in the power of indoor plants to improve mental health in Tower Hamlets.

With a passion for plants and a belief in their potential to improve everybody’s mental health, Nuzhat Khutun has expanded her successful online business Plant Lovers London, bringing her carefully curated house plant range to St Stephen’s Road.

The owner of Plant Lovers London is Nuzhat Khutun (38), who has lived in Tower Hamlets for 13 years. 

Plant Lovers London was originally an online-only business selling indoor plants, rare plants, and children-friendly plants as well as pots and accessories to its customers. 

For three years, Khutun ran the business from home while customers collected their orders from her sister’s house in Bow.  During this time, Khutan became well-known amongst the local community, and when she realised she had 50 returning customers in the area, she decided to open a shop here. 

Khutan believes indoor plants are especially important in Inner City London boroughs such as Tower Hamlets, where high-density residential housing means access to green spaces is severely limited. 

‘There are fewer gardens, fewer playgrounds, and there is less open space’. Says Khutun. ‘I want to inspire people to have more plants. It’s good for the houses and offices. Everywhere, people should have plants’.

In 2022, 43% of people with houseplants said looking after them improved their well-being, whilst a 2014 study suggested house plants in the office could increase productivity by up to 15%. 

For Khutan, house plants have the power to improve people’s mental health. She has high hopes for the future and wants to eventually open a social enterprise cafe, where free tea, cake, and houseplants may be enjoyed by women dealing with depression and fleeing domestic violence. 

Plant Lovers London is located at 82 St Stephen’s Road in Bow, in between Saigon Nails and Beauty and Local Café. It joins a small but growing plant and flower industry on Roman Road, including the florist Denningtons and market stalls on Roman Road and Globe Town Market offering bargains every week. 

Plant Lovers London only opened at 9 a.m. on Saturday 3 September but already has received a warm welcome from local residents. 

‘People passing by are coming and saying that they’re so happy for this shop’.

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