Best places to buy indoor and garden plants near Roman Road

With plant shops springing up in the Roman Road area, it seems the potted house plant is our new best friend.

We’ve noticed the growing number of plant shops around the Roman. From humble little market stalls to a community-led garden centre, the love for plants appears to be blossoming in the East End. Research shows that Britons spend more than £300 a year on houseplants – with Gen Z found to be the biggest fans of our green little friends. 

With the Roman Road area filled with garden-less flats and apartments, it is indoor plants that are being used to improve feng-shui. The most popular plants owned by Britons are spider plants, aloe vera, and peace lilies. Other popular foliage to keep in a home include swiss cheese plants, venus flytraps and weeping fig plants.

Want to bring some life into your home with your own small jungle? Well, look no further, as we have compiled the best local plant stores in Bow, Globe Town and Mile End to help decorate your home.



Denningtons is a family run business in Bow that was first established in 1950. They specialise in wedding and funeral flower design, while offering fast and reliable delivery services all around the East End. Their flowers come from the New Covent Garden Market, and they hand-pick and design all their bouquets to your own personal liking. They also sell a large variety of indoor plants that are easy to care for and nurture. A well loved, and trusted family business, right on your doorstep.

461 Roman Road, London E3 5LX



Run by couple Lamine Toure and Mona Sharif, Repot sprouted during lockdown in 2020. They are the first plant and pot shop in Hackney Wick. All of their pots are completely DIY and hand painted by Lamine and Mona, and their work has been seen in various pop up shops around the capital. Large pots are custom made and are around the £20 mark, while plants are as little as £10. A true tale of homegrown business, they started by growing baby Aloe Vera and Tradescantia from cuttings, and delivered them either by walking or bicycle.

66-78 White Post Lane, London E9 5EN



Found in Fugitive Motel, Greenterior is a small, local plant shop that specialises in indoor, house plants. The shop is open every day, and prices range from as little as £10. The plants include Peace Lillies, Chinese Evergreen and Alocasia. They also sell handmade plant pots that can be bought separately or with the plants for as little as £5. A local, small business that won’t dry out your wallet. 

199 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 0EL.

Growing Concerns 


Various green plants at Growing Concerns, a gardening centre in Victoria Park, East London

Sitting on the South East edge of Victoria Park, next to Hertford Union Canal, Growing Concerns was planted in 1998 as a local resident gardening club. Keen to improve the green environment, the club developed into a business, and now sells all your green-fingered planting needs. Growing Concerns donates its earnings to housing association Clarion’s community training projects, helping to give back to the community. From plants, to pots, to tools this shop has grown its own small gardening haven, whilst helping to support local people

2 Wick Lane, London E3 2NA

Mahdi’s Plants and Flowers 


Run by Muhammad Islam and named after his son, Mahdi’s will leave you spoilt for choice. From cacti, to kiwi plants, to huge apple trees, this Tardis-like shop has it all. Found on Burdett Road, Mahdi’s has a range of indoor, outdoor, garden and tropical plants, as well as gardening pots. Islam also loves his roses, and sells a number of bunches and bouquet flowers. The perfect shop for impressing your friends with some funky plants.

59 Burdett Road, London E3 4TN

Whole Fresh 


A woman walking past Whole Fresh on Roman Road in Bow, East London

Whole Fresh is conveniently located on the main road, making it easy to pop a leafy friend in your bag along with your fruit & veg. Run by the Doldur family, the three siblings also own and manage another three stores near the Roman. Prices start at just £2.99 for cacti, or £4.99 for your very own carnivorous venus fly trap, Whole Fresh sells a range of small indoor plants.

407 Roman Road, London E3 5QS

Roman Road Market 


Busy Roman Road Market seen from above

We couldn’t forget our dear Roman Road Market, could we? Roman Road Market sells small indoor and outdoor plants at their stall outside The Albert from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays so drop in when you’re down the Roman picking up other bargains. The plants are great for beginners who want to spice up their home with some ready-planted pots of mixed flowers as well as a limited but good range of houseplants. All without spending a fortune.

536 Roman Road, London E3 5ES

Globe Town Market


Globe Town Market Square, 2019

Another community favourite, Globe Town Market. Roman Road Plants is a small pop up store at Globe Town Market that sells a bunch of different plants, with new varieties available each week. The stall includes a variety of tropical plants, such as Ethiopian Red Banana, Black Eyed Susan and Philodendron Pink Princess, with no two weeks the same. You’ll need to check out their Facebook page to see what plants are available that day, however for the surprise it is definitely worth it.

Market Square, Roman Road, London E2 0RN

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