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What an East End street party looks like [photo essay]

Take a look at last weekend’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations around the Roman, full of cake, bunting, music, drinks and smiles.

Queen Elizabeth II has officially made history. She has become the first UK monarch to reign for seventy years on the throne, something few are ever likely to witness again. Here in the United Kingdom, we know how to celebrate such an achievement, and around Roman Road is no exception.

Over the jubilee weekend, our neighbourhood was decorated with bunting and streamers, the road lined with tables, chairs, and matching napkins and tablecloths. Music and laughter filled the air, as residents of all ages headed out for some cake, dancing and fun with neighbours.

It is hard to believe that post-lockdown we would be here, celebrating with friends. But the loneliness we have all experienced over the last few years in isolation is a distant memory. Seeing the smiles and joy in our neighbours’ faces makes the struggles over the last two years worth it. Queen Elizabeth II has served us all, as Queen of the United Kingdom and through unifying us all in celebration.

Three young children in their jubilee attire. Photo credit: Barbara Barklem.
Man celebrating in his jubilee hat. Photo credit: Gary Taylor.
Young girl dressed as a Queen’s Guard. Photo credit: MEOTRA.
Tredegar Square celebrating the Queen’s jubilee. Photo credit: MEOTRA.
Jubilee celebrations in Tredegar Square. Photo credit: MEOTRA.
Two friends sitting on the stage on Lichfield Road. Photo credit: Gary Taylor.
Two young boys with their blow up horses and crowns on Ridgdale Street. Photo credit: FCARA.
The Pearly King of Mile End and The Pearly Prince of Highgate in their jubilee crowns. Photo credit: Barbara Barklem.
Lord Tredegar pub decorated in bunting, and neighbours celebrating. Photo credit: Gary Taylor.
Ridgdale Street full of bunting and smiling faces. Photo credit: FCARA.
Neighbours smiling and celebrating Her Majesty’s jubilee. Photo credit: MEOTRA.
Victoria Park jubilee bandstand. Photo credit: Victoria Park Friends.
Our friendly local bobbies keeping an eye on the barbeque. Photo credit: FCARA.
Group of teens enjoying the sun and jubilee celebrations. Photo credit: Barbara Barklem.
Cheerful mum and daughter with their jubilee flags. Photo credit: Gary Taylor.
Delicious Victoria sponge cake. Photo credit: MEOTRA.
A man and his best furry friend admiring the jubilee bunting. Photo credit: MEOTRA.

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