Set-up bundles for Members

Set-up Pack 2 – Blue Chip

Need help to create a blue chip profile? We will provide the creative assets you need to showcase your organisation and its products and services to the best effect. Our in-house experts will take professional photography and write compelling content that is well optimised for search engines. You can then use these assets on your Organisation’s profile, your website and social media platforms too!


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*Price for Members only

Photography that attracts

  • A mini-photography shoot to provide stunning photography that will make you more visible online, helping you attract new customers.
  • Up to six images taken by a professional photographer of you, your premises, products and services.
  • You keep both lowres and hires versions to use on your own website and social media platforms.

Copywriting that converts

  • A one-on-one USP Audit (Unique Selling Points) during which we will work with you to establish what differentiates your company from the competition and help develop the story of your business.
  • We write 250-400 words of copy that explains your USP and back story in a way that will appeal to potential customers and show them why you are the best choice for them.
  • A carefully crafted elevator pitch that fits all the important information about your organisation into the maximum character count for use to use on Tweets and other places that require limited character count.

SEO to make sure your listing ranks well

  • All images optimised with an alt tag, meta title and caption.
  • Copy written according to best practice for online writing, then optimised according to online writing best practice.
  • Metadata provided for you to create an optimised search engine snippet that you can use in the metadata fields of your main website page.

Marketing Essentials Pack for Projects

Need help creating a concise yet comprehensive online page to showcase your project, partner and funders? We can create this for you! Our in-house experts will source and optimise project images and sponsor logos, and we’ll write persuasive content that encourages people to engage.


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*Price for members only.

Images to showcase your project

Image that will catch the attention of potential participants and help make sure your project can be found online.

  • Up to six images sourced, resized and optimised for your project with alt tag, meta title and caption so that they appear in search engines.
  • Project sponsor logos sourced, resized and optimised to meet funding requirements

Copywriting and SEO

  • 250-300 words of copywriting to describe your project in a public-facing way that will appeal to potential participants.
  • Summary of your programme with calls to action.
  • Synopsis of your project partners.
  • Jargon-free, accessible writing in accordance with best practice for online readability.
  • Metadata provided for you to create an optimised search engine snippet that you can use in the metadata fields of your main website page and on the Member project page if relevant.