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We are asking our readers to support us with small donations, either one-off or monthly. Quality journalism costs money, and we want to show there’s a different way of doing things. We want to pioneer a new kind of journalism: by and for the people. Please donate what you can to support our work:

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Why we need your support

We are a not-for-profit media organisation that uses local journalism as a means to champion local community, to give a platform to smaller voices, to reflect the diversity of the area, to develop empowering networks and connections, and to provide opportunities in digital, media and creative industries to young people who would traditionally feel excluded from these industries.

As a social enterprise, we want high-quality local journalism to be open to everyone in the community. We have not put our digital content behind a paywall or membership scheme as we think the benefits of an independent, local publication should be available to everyone living in our area.

Publications propped up by advertisers, organisations, or individuals with vested interests are only as secure (and independent) as the funding they receive. Sustainable journalism has to be self-reliant. We are not there yet, but we will be.

The combined population of Bow, Globe Town, Mile End, Fish Island, and Hackney Wick is well over 40,000, and we have almost 100,000 unique readers each year. If a fraction of that donated two pounds a month to Roman Road LDN it would be enough for our editorial team to serve the area full time and be beholden only to the community.

Media is accountable to those who finance it. We want to be accountable to readers. Not to advertisers, not to local government. To you. A pound at a time, we believe we can get there.

Be part of something extraordinary. Take ownership of your local media.

Please note:

Donations are collected by Social Streets C.I.C, the not-for-profit news and media organisation that publishes Roman Road LDN.

Please note: Donations are collected by Social Streets C.I.C the not-for-profit community interest company (C.I.C) that publishes Roman Road LDN. Reader contributions will be used by Social Streets C.I.C to support Roman Road LDN and associated projects and services that benefit the Roman Road area only. As a social enterprise we believe in transparent finances and you can view Social Streets’ Annual Report 2018-19 here. If you have any questions about contributing to Social Streets C.I.C please contact us here. You can ask your bank to can cancel your direct debit to Social Streets C.I.C at any time.