Photos by Kata Szabo

The possibilities of pizza: The Pizza Room vegan food review

I was surprised by Tironi’s answer to the question every Italian dreads: what do you think of pineapple on pizza? Dead-pan expression, and sincere tone, Pamela responded: ‘I’m absolutely fine with pineapple on pizza… I’m a very open person… everything is possible’.

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Photographs by Kata Szabo

Targa Green Cafe vegan review – Moroccan cuisine with a community feel

Picture the scene. A pistachio green-fronted cafe with tables scattered outside, seating a multiplicity of different people. A warm, Moroccan-inspired interior with traditional Moroccan music pulsing in the background. Targa Green Cafe on Tredegar Road is bursting with life and a community feel.

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From left, Ilhan, Oya and Ibrahim Doldur © Social Streets C.I.C

Whole Fresh: a new venture from the family behind Best Food Centre

When you walk towards Whole Fresh, the first thing you notice is fruits and vegetables lining the front of the shop enticingly in rustic, wooden buckets to attract passers-by. There are also shelves of olive oil, vinegar and every other imaginable condiment, herbs and other deli-style items. There is a constant cool breeze from the refrigerators and the sound of soft jazz wafting over from the shop radio.

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