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Vegan sausage rolls: Twice the price but is it twice as good?

Put to the blind taste test at Roman Road LDN: Jungle Electric’s vegan sausage roll goes head to head with high-street chain Greggs’.

When Greggs debuted their vegan sausage rolls in January 2019 they caused an immediate sensation and have since become a high-street staple. Veganism has only grown in the past four years and our area is no stranger to the rising number of plant-based eateries and environmentally conscious consumers. 

The latest vegan cafe to join the likes of Sazzy & Fran and E3 Vegan on Roman Road is Jungle Electric, opening up its brightly coloured cafe and community events space in September 2022. 

Known for its energising smoothies and ethically-sourced coffee, and widely regarded as one of the best cafes to work from on Roman Road, the final seal of approval of the Roman’s friendliest cafe had to come by tasting its vegan sausage roll. And what could be a better benchmark than Greggs? 

With more than 2,300 bakery chains across the country, it’s perhaps unsurprising that two Greggs’ bakeries can be found on Roman Road. With one store looking out over Globe Town Market Square and the other serving the Stratford end, you are never further than 500 metres from a branch when walking down the Roman. 

Despite Greggs’ popularity up and down the nation, if it’s a vegan sausage roll that you’re after, then trust us when we say that it’s worth trying the independents too. 

Jungle Electric’s soya-based sausage meat is mixed with oregano, rosemary, onions, and mushrooms, its puff pastry finished with a sprinkling of parsley. And, when put to the – highly controlled – taste test, it was these culinary details that shone through. 

Though paler in colour, the Greggs’ pastry was judged as the flakier of the two. But when pressed to choose, every member of our Roman Road LDN team voted for Jungle Electric producing the tastier vegan treat, its herby and nutty flavours holding their own even without a good dousing of ketchup. 

When it comes to the cost, it’s hard to beat Greggs at £1.20. But if you can afford it, for all the quality ingredients they pack in at Jungle Electric, you could do worse than £2.95.

And don’t just take it from us, we hear these plant-based pastries are also a favourite of Daniel from Delan Jewellers, who is often known to pop across the Roman and buy two for lunch. 

So whether you’re a committed carnivore, a lifelong vegetarian, or are coming to the end of Veganuary and have only slipped up once or twice, the next time you’re in the mood for a plant-based pastry, you’ll know where the Roman Road LDN team recommend. 

If you fancy more vegan fare, read our food review of E3 Vegan restaurant and cafe. 

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