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Cafes to work from around Roman Road

Working from ‘home’: The comfiest local coffee shops for a productive day’s work

Since society’s reopening after the pandemic, it’s quickly become clear that the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle is here to stay.

In 2022, online searches for ‘digital nomad jobs’ saw an 800% rise globally, and the etiquette bible Debrett’s has even published a guide for working from cafes. 

For some working globetrotters, this might mean logging onto their emails from a remote beach bar with a margarita in hand. But, for us, we can think of nothing better than being closer to home, swapping our living rooms and kitchens for one of our favourite local cafes.

So if you’re looking for a quiet space to work, kick off your slippers and get down to one of the Roman’s spots with the sturdiest tables, strongest caffeine, and most reliable wifi to cater for all of your remote working needs. 

Jungle Electric


Jungle electric cafe interior

New to the Roman Road scene, this indie vegan jaunt with its vibrant decor and brightly coloured pillows has been a magnet for digital nomads since its beginning. Equipped with a water station, strong wifi, and plenty of plugs, it has all the essentials to prepare you for a productive day. Coffees featuring the finest ‘latte art’ are made with care by barista Alex who will whizz up an energising smoothie or blend a beetroot latte to get you through that post-lunch work lull. To get a feel for the cafe’s feel-good vibes check out their ‘Jungle Electric’ playlist on Spotify – from Blur to Bowie, these tunes promise to brighten up any work day. 

Visit Jungle Electric at 467 Roman Rd, E3 5LX.

Zealand Cafe


Outside of Zealand cafe, Roman Road

Zealand Cafe came in at a very close second place in our readers’ choice of their favourite coffee shop on the Roman. Loved by locals and visitors alike, there’s rarely a moment in the day that it’s not overflowing with customers, but if you look deeper inside, there’s a designated laptop room meant for serious studying. Free from any musical distractions, you can work away undisturbed, only breaking for a regenerative cup of coffee. And when you’re finished, reward yourself with one of their sweet or savoury waffles – it’s amazing how versatile breakfast food can be. 

Take your laptop to Zealand Cafe on 391 Roman Rd, E3 5QS.

The HUB Cafe


The interior of the Hub cafe, Victoria Park.

Strings of ivy and fern spill from hanging plant pots all around Victoria Park’s light and airy HUB Cafe, creating the perfect atmosphere to focus the mind. With soft background music, solid tables and plenty of plugs, this is a great working spot, but make sure you don’t go during the school holidays when children and their parents jostle for a slice of the Hub’s lemon & courgette loaf cake (it’s delicious). Though it seems everyone has unlimited mobile data and a personal hotspot these days, be warned there’s no wifi in the Hub Cafe. A welcome relief if you fancy switching off from the outside world for an hour or two. 

The Hub Cafe, Victoria Park, nearest entrance Gunmakers Gate at E3 5PE. 

Coffee & Fripes


Coffee and Fripes cafe and vintage store on Roman Road in Bow.
Coffee and Fripes offers customers coffee with a side of vintage browsing © Social Streets CIC

Window seats swathed in natural light, sturdy and spacious wooden tables for one, or a comfy sofa tucked away at the back, whatever your preferred work setting, Coffee & Fripes has them all. With plentiful pastries and light lunch options to keep you going and racks of vintage clothes to browse in-between virtual meetings, it’s easy to spend the entire day working at Coffee & Fripes. And to accompany it all? A relaxed playlist of songs hand-picked each day by owner Äissatou Diallo who says she regularly receives compliments on the ambient music. Be sure to grab a loyalty card and get your eighth coffee free – its chai lattes are a favourite around here. 

Find Coffee & Fripes at 512 Roman Rd, E3 5ES. 

Targa Green Cafe


Interior of Targa Green Cafe

Slightly off the beaten track you will find Targa Green Cafe, an intimate and charming work spot with spacious tables and free wifi, and the cosiest of armchairs if you want to get stuck into a good book. A background hubbub of customers enjoying Targa Green’s popular lunchtime menu serves as the perfect backdrop to a casual business meeting. Who knows what enterprising ideas might be borne on Tredegar Road? 

Pop into Targa Green at 137 Tredegar Road, E3 2EU.

Cafés not to work from…

While we’re spoilt for choice on Roman Road with cafes to work from, not all of our local establishments will welcome you with a laptop and notepad in hand. Mae & Harvey has a strict no laptop policy, a cafe championing great food and good company. While there are no official rules at Cafe East, the cafe’s tightly packed tables and constant stream of customers enjoying generous portions of food doesn’t seem like the best setting for a business meeting. If you’re a social influencer though, go right ahead. 

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