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Claire Watts captures Cafe East’s weekend crowd [photoessay]

Since Cafe East opened 18 months ago, it has had weekend queues around the corner. Guest contributor Claire Watts faced the brunch rush to photograph its loyal customers.

Owner, Mustafa Has, was born and raised in Bow, and wanted his and his brother-in-law’s restaurant to stay loyal to its roots. Has designed Cafe East so it looked like a cosy East End caff from the outside, and a contemporary art cafe on the inside.

Step inside and you’ll find the whole cross-section of Bow eating at their tables. It’s not a hipster hangout and it’s not a greasy spoon, but somewhere in the middle. Read the full interview with owner, Mustafa Has.

A few days later, Watts took her camera along to find out how Cafe East brings the whole community together.

Watts has lived in Bethnal Green, just off Roman Road, for five years now, and loves waking up to the squark of Parakeets on their way to Victoria Park.

Watts says: ‘Cafe East has always been one of my favourite local places to eat. The care and artistry that goes into what they do sets them apart I think!  It was fantastic for me to photograph everyone enjoying this vibrant and bustling place as it becomes one of east London’s finest.

‘As a photographer, I enjoy exploring my community and the people I live around and shall be snapping more regularly in and around the area.’

Queue outside cafe east roman road
Girl eats brunch at cafe east
Family at cafe east roman road
Waitress at Cafe East Roman Road
Mustafa Has at Cafe East Roman Road
Smoothie at cafe east roman road bow

Man with brunch cafe east roman road london
Brunch with friends Cafe East Roman Road Bow
People outside cafe east roman road london
Fry up at Cafe East Roman Road
Girl eating brunch Cafe East
Kids brunch cafe east Roman Road
Chefs cooking brunch Cafe East Roman Road
Family meal at Cafe East Bow

Click here to read the full interview with owner of Cafe East, Mustafa Has.

Or see more of Claire Watts’ photography on Claire Watts Instagram account.

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You can find Cafe East at 426 Roman Rd, London E3 5LU.


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