"Ibrahim and Mehmet Dag at Fiesta Cafe."
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Colourful characters of Roman Road [photoessay]

Capturing Roman Road and its colourful characters, local photographer Andrew Leo documents the East End faces of our beloved Roman Road and its market in Bow and Globe Town as part of his Postcode Project – E3 adn E2. See more from Leo’s Postcode Project in Life, laughter and liquor on Roman Road.

‘Kemal at Sahin Green Grocers on Roman Road.’
Leanne serving pie, mash and liquor at Roman Road's GKelly's pie and mash shop
Leanne at the pie and mash shop.
She’s obviously been asked to do this before, hardly even noticed me.
‘Jen, Globe Town Market. Her family have roots in east London dating back to 1600. Growing up in Bethnal Green she had horses and chickens in her back garden by Victoria Park.’
‘Sava, owner of The Saucy Kipper, Roman Road.’
‘Ibrahim and Mehmet Dag at Fiesta Cafe.’
‘Linda at Globe Town Market.’
‘Brian Baker who owns L Bakers barrow makers just off of Roman Rd, those old classic ones with the western style wheels. Been there since 1920 when he reckons there were about 20 barrow makers in London.’
‘Karina and her mum, Globe Town Market.’
‘George’s Plaice on Roman Road. You can’t beat a fish and chip pun name, this must have been one of the originals. Tom has been here since 1982, there’s been a fishmonger here since 1898.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Someone suggested I google Bernie when I got home after this, I realised then where he got his cold stare from. He couldn’t have been any nicer though and did smile for 90% of the time I was there, real old school gent – really interested in what I was doing and asking if he could help out.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Unfortunately Joanne’s Florist is no longer in Globe Town Market Square, it was there for 25 years. This is Terri. She took over from the florist she was working for there.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Jackie with her arms around her regulars at The Unique Cafe on Roman Road Market.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Shikdar Am on Roman Road.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Irene at Globe Town Market.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Linda, Roman Rd Market.’ © Andrew Leo
‘Bert at The Florist pub, local legend and loveliest bloke you’ll ever meet. Quite likes West Ham too.’ © Andrew Leo

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