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Bow residents mourn the loss of Kasper, The Coborn pub cat

Kasper, The Coborn pub cat, brought smiles to Bow for over a year but as locals mourn his death, the memories he has left with them continues to warm hearts.

Beloved local pub cat, Kasper, from The Coborn was killed during a hit and run hours before its pub-goers rang in 2022. Since Kasper’s untimely death, hundreds of members of the local community have been mourning the loss of the familiar furry friend who warmed the hearts of the pub’s visitors in the last year. 

Two-year-old Kasper came to The Coborn as a kitten after Juliette De Rosa, deputy manager at The Coborn, adopted him in March 2021. He quickly became known for his sociable and hospitable character and was always keen for affection. 

Festivities were cut short for The Coborn staff members as on the afternoon of Friday 31 December, the pub was notified of Kasper’s death. Tobias Letch, assistant manager at the pub, said that a customer informed them that Kasper had been found ‘lifeless on Coborn Road.’

Kasper’s death was a community loss as much as it was a personal one for the pub. Hours after a Coborn employee announced Kasper’s death on Facebook and Nextdoor, people shared their memories and condolences. Both posts combined have received over 300 likes and 120 comments from locals saddened by the loss.     

George Watson, a Coborn regular, described Kasper as ‘a treasure’ who would lounge on the tables outside in the summer and curl up on the chairs inside during winter. Watson said that Kasper was known as the ‘friendly cat’ for his ability to mix with customers.

‘Just before Christmas I went there with my two good friends and they heaped love onto him, especially when he tried to work out a route of passage to her unfinished cod,’ said Watson. 

He added: ‘He was a lovely little guy, very infectious personality, adored being in the limelight but clearly valued his own time as well. It was always fun watching him move onto another group for attention!’ 

Image illustrated by Lucy Schofield ©

Kasper’s death had come as a shock to many who had just recently seen him over the winter break. Bow resident Gabriella Shutter went to The Coborn with her four-year-old daughter just two days before Kasper’s death. Shutter said that her daughter, who bonded with Kasper, ‘didn’t want to leave the pub as he was loving her cuddles’. 

‘That was the first and last time we saw him but my daughter has since said she wants to go back to the pub with the friendly cat,’ added Shutter.  

As popular as Kasper was in the local area, he also garnered an online following. De Rosa had a TikTok account (@katsperthecat) where videos were posted of Kasper’s shenanigans and adventures. One video from lockdown last year even became viral with 1.4 million views. 

@katsperthecat The good stuff. #fypシ #NeverJustAGame #dreamies #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

Pub cats are not an unusual sighting across east London and are regular fixtures across many pubs in the local area. Whether it’s being able to pet their soft fur or catch a glimpse of them while eating a meal, cats make us feel more at home. Kasper was just one of the cats who made a mark on this community. 

If you are in the area, here are some of the few furry friends to visit at local pubs to show some love.

Beyoncé, The Lord Tredegar 

Beyonce, the pub cat from the Lord Tredegar, is sassy but enjoys affection.

She might not be the Grammy award-winning artist but she’s just as fierce. Beyoncé can be spotted around The Lord Tredegar and depending on her mood is even open to people petting her. ‘She walks around like she owns the place,’ said Michael Rees, an employee at the pub. 

Find Beyoncé at 50 Lichfield Road, London E3 5AL

Steve and Pi, The Camel

Pi is a little shy but ever-so affectionate. She just plays hard to get.

The multicoloured shy Pi can be found at The Camel pub. Pi is a kaleidoscope of colours and is just as much of a delight to pet.

Steve is one of the cats at The Camel pub. He enjoys following customers home and returning back to the pub in a black cab.

The boisterous bruiser Steve is known for following people home, spending nights at customers’ houses, and doing the walk of shame from the black cab to the pub the following morning. 

Find Steve and Pi Globe Road, London E2 0JD

Marmite, The Coborn

Marmite is Kasper's younger brother who is also at The Coborn. Having known Kasper for his entire life and in grief, Marmite is in need of some love.

Also at The Coborn is Kasper’s adoptive sibling, Marmite. At 10 months old, Marmite has grown under the presence of Kasper and may still be in the grieving process. This kitty may need some friendly faces and affection.  

Find Marmite at 8 Coborn Road, London E3 2DA

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