Petition circulates to open the underpass to Meath Gardens

A local petition has been launched to open the underpass between Meath Gardens, just behind Roman Road in Globe Town, and Queen Mary University in a drive to improve connectivity between the communities.

The online petition was set up by Friends of Meath Gardens in order to make it easier for students to access the gardens. The group also hopes that opening the tunnel will drive more customers towards Roman Road.

Currently, the railway divides the Queen Mary University and the Bow community, and direct access is completely blocked. People who have signed the petition hope that opening the underpass will help connect the two local communities.

Friends of Meath Gardens have been working tirelessly to rejuvenate the park, recently planting over 30 new trees, creating wildflower meadows, making a new nature trail and planting over 2,300 daffodils. Opening the underpass will mean that students can access the new a improved space.

Originally set up in 2015, Friends of Meath Gardens fights to save, maintain and improve our local green spaces.The organisation came together several years ago initially to oppose the over-pollarding of trees by the council, explains Joanna Milewska, a Landscape Architect and Founder of Friends of Meath Gardens. The Friends group now has a collaborative relationship with the council and this partnership has helped facilitate the development of the project.

The group has a collaborative relationship with the council, and hopes to use this petition to bring together Roman Road residents and local councillors.

The petition has already proven to be popular. After being posted a few days ago, it already has hundreds of supporters with an aim of achieving 5,000.

What can I do to help?

If you want to show support for the underpass, sign the petition Meath Gardens underpass petition here.

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