Lynsey Coughlan, owner of INIS, with partner Lindsay Lewis and Head Chef Craig Johnson
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INIS: A new British-Irish eatery is coming to the canalside in Hackney Wick

Positioned along the Instagram-loved canal towpath of Fish Island, in the heart of Hackney Wick’s creative district, a new British-Irish eatery becomes the latest addition to the East End’s food scene.

INIS, the brainchild of local power couple Lynsey Coughlan and Lindsay Lewis, promises to be more than just an eatery; it’s a celebration of community, heritage, and the flavours of the British Isles.

Scheduled to open its doors in May 2024, INIS will offer a menu curated to showcase the best of seasonal British and Irish cuisine, coupled with a selection of coffee, wines, and craft cocktails.

Lynsey, who worked at London’s high-end butcher, The Ginger Pig, will be sourcing top-quality meats while Lindsay’s background in graphic design and art direction has been used to create a space with a distinct visual flair.

The dining space will be sleek and minimalist, with wooden tables, green plants and elegant lights hanging from the ceiling. The best seats in the house might be the ones perched right next to the wall-long windows, allowing diners to bask in the light and take in picturesque views of the canal.

Interior mock-up of INIS, a new British-Irish eatery opening in Hackney Wick, with wooden tables, hanging lights, wall-long windows and green plants
A mockup of the interior of INIS, a new British-Irish eatery in Hackney Wick

‘Now it’s time for Lindsay and I to do our own thing; I want to put my apron back on and get back to what I fell in love with 25 years ago in the place we’ve called home for the past ten years,’ said Lynsey.

The head chef, Craig Johnson, who has lived in the area for seven years, heads the culinary brigade; his prowess has been honed in esteemed kitchens such as Arbutus and The Corner Room.

Together, with Lindsay and Lynsey, he will collaborate with local suppliers, ensuring that each dish at INIS is a testament to the bounties of the surrounding East London landscape.

A mock-up of the exterior of INIS on the canalside in Hackney Wick, with wall-length windows, outdoor seating and green trees
A mock-up of the exterior of INIS on the canalside in Hackney Wick

As the sun rises over the canal, guests can indulge in hearty breakfast offerings like the Full Irish, complete with hand-cut belly bacon, roast potato farls and traditional black and white pudding, or savour the delicate flavours of whiskey-smoked salmon atop freshly baked Irish brown bread. 

Come lunchtime, options range from succulent mussels paired with crispy chips to the comforting embrace of French toast adorned with stewed rhubarb and brown butter crumble.

But INIS is more than just a culinary destination; it’s a reflection of its founders’ roots and aspirations. The name itself, meaning “Island” in Irish, pays homage to the couple’s longing for home and their commitment to fostering a sense of belonging within the local community of East London. 

The interior design, inspired by the area’s industrial heritage and the couple’s hometowns of Dublin and Manchester, sets the stage for a dining experience that is imagined to be both familiar and evocative.

INIS will initially open from 7 am to 4 pm on weekdays, offering seating for 50 customers indoors. Weekends will see an extended brunch menu, while Sundays will feature the comforting and belly-busting ritual of roasts. 

Plans are underway to introduce dinner service in the warmer summer months, accompanied by additional outdoor seating overlooking the tranquil waters of the canal.

As part of The Trampery Fish Island campus, INIS is poised to become an integral part of a vibrant social enterprise centred around the fashion industry, further enriching the essence of Fish Island.

From homemade granola to signature cocktails, every aspect of INIS reflects Lynsey and Lindsay.‘It has always been our dream to open an eatery on Fish Island, the neighbourhood we love and have made our home, and we’re excited to grow further ties with the local community,’ she said.

So, mark your calendars and prepare your palate, as INIS invites you to savour the essence of Hackney Wick and the tastes of Ireland, one delectable-sounding dish at a time.

Mussels, chips and french toast at INIS, a new British-Irish eatery in Hackney Wick
Mussels, chips and french toast at INIS, a new British-Irish eatery in Hackney Wick
Full Irish with hand-cut belly bacon, traditional black and white pudding, eggs and toast at INIS, a new eatery opening in Hackney Wick
INIS will serve a full Irish with eggs, hand-cut belly bacon and traditional black and white pudding

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