London Metropolitan University students reimagine Roman Road

As part of a collaborative project with the London Metropolitan University, we asked students to submit a project that was based on their interpretations of Roman Road and the surrounding areas.

We had many fantastic submissions, but Alessandra Cuccu’s installation inspired by the market traders and Francesca Dompe’s inspired by our Suffragette heritage are our two winners.

Alessandra Cuccu – Roman Road Installation video

Alessandra was walking in Roman Road and after taking some pictures, realised that people were running frantically, to do their errands or just to get home. She saw the sellers encourage the sale of their products with affection for what they were doing. She realised that she wanted to create something with projections showing the frantic people running around. She wanted the sound to show the sounds of the market and so used clips of the market traders speaking with pride about their goods.

The work is a mix of projection mapping (for the people walking) and laser cut (for the background).

Francesca Dompe – Suffragette Illustrations

Francesca’s project is based on Suffragette heritage. She focuses on the work and public speeches made by Sylvia Pankhurst. For her project, she imagined the Roman Road area as a dreamy world, where the work done by the Suffragettes was the starting point of a process that will lead (in 2118) to a perfect world, Sylvia Pankhurst’s ‘Golden age’.

Francesca imagined Roman Road area as a place where everyone is happy, where diversity is embraced, where everyone is proud, where hostility is forgotten, where no one suffers from starvation, where the community is vibrant and collaborative, where everyone has a home and it is their castle.

In the images there are references to the work of the Suffragettes. Purple, yellow and green are used to reference the banners made by the Suffragettes. On the images there are teddy bears that reference the toy factory set up by Sylvia Pankhurst. The poster is stitched, and the font used on the other images replicates stitching – the Suffragettes used to stitch their words on fabrics.

Picture saying 1918 was just the beginning

A picture saying 'A collaborative community'

A picture saying 'We stand tall and proud'

A picture saying 'Abundance for Everyone'

A picture saying 'Freedom it's not utopia'

A picture saying 'Work and Beauty for all'

A picture saying 'Hostility has been forgotten'

A picture saying 'Happiness of Children is Vital'

A picture saying One is his own King'

A picture saying 'Diversity is our treasure'

A picture saying 'Our past is our strength'

A picture saying 'Our amazing reality'

A picture saying 'Come and see'

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