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Radicals to Rinkoffs Walking Tour though Jewish Whitechapel

On Tuesday 31 October, Rachel Kolksy and Esther Rinkoff lead a walking tour through Jewish Whitechapel.

Entitled Radicals to Rinkoffs, the walk will guide participants through the synagogues and bakers of Jewish Whitechapel. Led by Esther Rinkoff, the walk includes the famous Rinkoff’s, the only surviving Jewish family-owned bakery in the neighbourhood. Participants will get to learn firsthand about the history of the bakery, the journey of its Ukrainian founders, and the story of its expansion.

Hyman Rinkoff founded his family bakery business on Old Montague Street in 1911. The bakery remained there until 1971 when a compulsory purchase order necessitated a move. It did not go far away, opening in O’Leary Square opposite Jubilee Street and Adelina Grove. The café in Vallance Road opened in 1978 where the corner site has been selling bagels since the 1940s under several names, with Rinkoff succeeding the famous Blue and White All Night.

Hyman’s grandson Ray joined the family business in 1968 and still works there alongside fifth-generation Rinkoffs. Ray has overseen significant changes. Sunday is no longer the busiest day. In order to keep up with changing tastebuds, Rinkoff’s invented the London version of the Cronut, a delicious combination of a croissant and doughnut they named the Crodough. They also bake the rainbow bagel celebrating the LGBTQ community.

Some things, however, remain the same. Rinkoffs still produce staples such as Danish pastries, bagels and challot, the sweet plaited bread made with eggs eaten by Jewish families on the Sabbath and festivals. 

Acclaimed historian and writer Rachel Kolksy will also offer insight into the radical history of the East End, shining a light on its revolutionaries and deep roots in activism.

Tickets include a bagel lunch.

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  • Where can I find more information on how to join the tour?


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