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Vividliy Chic – the new lash boutique on Roman Road

Updated on 12/04/20

Vividliy Chic has changed its name. It is now called Nuova Beauty Bar.

Vividliy Chic is the newest addition to the Roman, opening on 18 January. The bold pink shop at 418 Roman Road has a comfortable sofa, a trendy coffee bar, space for hire, loyalty cards, and a specialist understanding of lashes, eyebrows, and make-up.

Vividliy not Vividly, and their vision

Aahliyah Amerat, 23, is the person behind the brand and explained the name ‘Vividliy Chic’ to us. ‘When I started out, I didn’t have a physical shop so I wanted to make sure that the name had a bit of me in it, and had my personality.’ As people call her Liya, Vividly became Vividliy and that was the birth of the boutique.

Amerat has been working with lashes since she was sixteen, and had previously been running Vividliy Chic from her house since 2012. Years later, she met co-worker and friend Francesca Marcantonio when working at a local estate agents, and the two of them decided to move Vividliy Chic into its own place.

Vividliy Chic offers a quality service, focusing on lashes and eyebrows as their niche. The aim is to go big, eventually owning four shops around London. For now, they are pleased with their first stop: ‘We chose Roman Road because it’s up and coming, it’s really ideal for us, and it’s very close to the city. We also know the area really well.’ Both have worked on the road before.

Amerat wants to get to the point, when settled in, where she can help young women from struggling backgrounds. She wants to offer courses and classes to young women aspiring to work in lashes and make-up.

Her own passion for lashes came when she realized that she had no desire to continue her academic education and do something she had no interest in. Amerat and Marcantonio emphasise that they didn’t come from family money; they had to work hard for everything they’ve achieved and want to help others do the same.

Promotions and loyalty cards

Vividliy Chic offers hourly teaching experiences for their customers, offering a ‘Make up master class’ to teach them all the make up tips they need for £50. They currently have a 15% off promotion until 17 February, and when that promotion ends will have monthly deals and 10% off for all new customers.

They also plan to have loyalty cards which will help their customers bring the price down by collecting points. When set up, you’ll be able to get points for buying a coffee, a treatment, and even popping in to say hi and tag them in a cheeky selfie can see your lashes a little cheaper.

Their treatments focus on doing things properly, unlike boutiques that overcharge customers and then entirely destroy their natural lashes. Vividliy Chic prioritises keeping the eye lashes nourished and long lasting. They do all types of lashes, with different colours, glitters, curls and different volumes.

Vividliy Chic will also hold blogger parties, hen parties, other treatments and birthday celebrations in their larger downstairs space. They want Vividliy Chic to be a conglomerate of different things, making a perfect pampering experience with delicious coffee to go with it.

Appointments are available seven days a week, and they have walk-in-slots available Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30am.

You can follow Vividliy Chic on their Insta @vividliychic to see some of their styles.

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