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Discover Tower Hamlets’ diverse dance scene with these classes and courses

Ever caught yourself tapping your feet to the beat and swirls of Strictly Come Dancing? You’re not alone.

The glitter, the glamour, and the graceful moves have captivated audiences worldwide. But here’s the thing: it’s not just about the spectacle on screen. Many of us find ourselves inspired to hit the dance floor after the on-screen inspiration. 

Whether it’s the elegance of the Waltz or the energy of the Cha-Cha-Cha, the show ignites a spark in people to explore the world of dance. 

So, if you’re feeling that urge to shimmy and sway, why not take the leap and join a dance class? It’s your chance to enter the spotlight and let the rhythm move you!

Discovering the perfect dance class in Tower Hamlets can be as exhilarating as hitting the dance floor itself. With a history of dance halls and the good old Cockney knees up on our doorstep, you can dance in the footsteps of East London’s movers and shakers. 

For the East End younguns, we have to mention that Sadler’s Wells has recently unveiled its latest addition, a fourth venue situated within East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It offers an Academy Breakin’ Convention that will cover the foundations of hip-hop. 

Named ABC, it will join forces with prestigious institutions such as the BBC, UAL’s London College of Fashion, UCL, and the V&A as part of East Bank. This collective endeavour is set to shape a dance epicentre, catering to the aspirations of burgeoning young creatives.

Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of ballet, the sass of hip-hop, or the passion of salsa, or simply want to shake up your fitness routine, these dance classes in East offer something for everyone. So grab your dancing shoes and get a move on. 

East London Dance


Get your groove on with Hip-Hop Hustle at East London Dance. Learn the latest moves and techniques in this dynamic class inspired by urban street dance culture. The academy is situated in the neighbourhood of Bow, just around the corner from the canal, providing a lively backdrop for dancers to express themselves.

For more info, visit East London Dance 

Ideas Store Whitechapel


Join a ballet course on point at Ideas Store Whitechapel. Delve into the foundational principles of ballet and acquire a solid understanding of its fundamental elements and techniques. Led by experienced instructors, this class offers a journey of discovery, mastering the physicality of ballet while gaining insight into its historical context and global influence.

The classes are open to all abilities.

For more info, visit Ideas Store Whitechapel

Lisa Gilbert Academy of Ballet


Perfect your pliés and pirouettes at Lisa Gilbert’s Academy of Ballet. These classes are ideal for those wanting to take the next step in exploring classical ballet’s grace and elegance. 

The Lisa Gilbert Academy follows the Royal Classical Ballet syllabus and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

For more info, visit Lisa Gilbert Academy of Ballet

The Chisenhale Dance Space


If you fancy a lively class, why not try Lindy Hop with this engaging class led by Angela Andrew at The Chisenhale Dance Space? Explore the foundational steps of this African-American partner dance originating in the late 1920s Jazz Era and learn to embody its soulful essence. Whether you’re a novice or have some experience, all are welcome to join this mixed-level class, and no partner is required.

For more info, visit Chisenhale Dance Space

Adore Dance


Adore Dance London offers Commercial Dance Classes in East London. These classes draw inspiration from a fusion of styles, including Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Voguing, Pop, and more. Commercial is simply a dance style designed to be performed in front of an audience. It is perfect for those with an inner performer waiting to be on stage. 

Led by seasoned professional dancer turned instructor Connor Taylor, these classes promise an exhilarating experience suitable for everyone. Join in Hackney Wick, Stratford, Bow, and Hackney.

For more info, visit Adore Dance London

Ideas Store Whitechapel


Ideas Store Whitechapel also offers African dance classes. This comprehensive course offers a holistic exploration of both its foundational elements and its cultural significance. Led by passionate instructors, participants will master intricate steps and gain invaluable insights into the historical context and societal importance of African dance.

For more info, visit Ideas Store Whitechapel

The Shadwell Centre


If you are captivated by Belly Dancing, then head to The Shadwell Centre. Master fundamental movements aimed at enhancing fitness and developing a profound appreciation for the artistry and tradition of this mesmerising dance form. Led by experienced instructors, this course promises to empower participants with newfound skills, confidence, and a deeper understanding of Belly Dancing’s enduring allure.

For more info, visit The Shadwell Centre

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