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Cabbage Alley: Roman Road is the world’s first street market on the metaverse

Social Streets, the media company that publishes news and culture magazines for Tower Hamlets, has launched Cabbage Alley, the first open-air street market in the metaverse, for its flagship title Roman Road LDN. 

Roman Road, home to the longest continuously operating street market in London, UK, becomes the first city high street to be present in the metaverse. 

Social Streets, a media company that publishes news and culture magazines for places, has launched an open-air street market called Cabbage Alley on Sandbox, a metaverse platform. 

The name Cabbage Alley is based on the historic Cockney practice of cabbaging, the art of creating high-quality copies of designer wear made from unwanted offcuts from the top fashion houses. 

Visitors to Cabbage Alley can design their own avatars by selecting clothes from rails of ‘cabbaged’ designer clothes on the street market. Visitors are greeted by a pony and a monkey  (Cockney terms for £25 and £500 respectively) who drop newly minted ‘cabbaged’ designer clothing from the back of a lorry every Saturday.

The company stated that it is in the metaverse to celebrate the subcultures and countercultures that embody the anti-establishment values of the metaverse but who would otherwise not be represented.

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