Roman Road Festival 2016 [VIDEO]

Roman Road Summer Festival 2016 had everyone dancing in the streets as you can see in this lovely little video, made by local resident Roman Koblov.

A snap shot of the day, this video shows the crowds who flocked to the third Roman Road Festival and enjoyed shopping at the Urban Makers East designer-maker fair, eating from the many street food stalls and being entertained on stage and street by local performers and entertainers including Sunday Assembly East End, Cameroonian singer and guitarist Muntu Valdo, soul and funk band Freddie and the Freeloaders, rising stars from ELAM, Bangladeshi folk dance troop Showmi Daz and psychedelic dance troopThe Action Men.

The children had a lot of fun too with Pearly King and Queen craft stalls, Match Women hat making, magician Professor Palmermoff, the spectacular stilt walkers, and cheeky turns from the Cockney Sparras and the Lady of the Mannah wiv ‘er best mate Doreen.

A multitude of thanks go to a multitude of people who helped organise this event, and a huge thank you to Roman Road Trust and their sponsors who made it all happen. Here’s to next year!


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Tabitha Stapely is a local resident and CEO of Roman Road Trust, a community development organisation working a community-led vision for Roman Road. Stapely is also the founder of Social Streets, a digital media company publishing high street brands.

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  1. Lina begum

    The festival was absolutely fantastic, loved it enjoyed it and many thanx to the local housing for organising this festival. It was such joy to be involved and to see all the local area people getting together and having a beautifully day.

    • Tabitha Stapely

      Thank you Lina! That’s lovely of you to leave such a glowing comment. The festival was actually organised by Roman Road Trust, a local community development organisation set up by Bow residents. It was part funded by the Council and by private sponsors including Canary Wharf Group, Lovebox and GMB Union.

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