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Works start on Globe Town market square transformation

Diggers, drills, and barriers in Globe Town square signal the start of works to transform the borough’s smallest market.

If you’ve passed Globe Town market square recently, you might have noticed barriers, diggers, churned-up soil, and fragments of paving stones. 

You might be panicking that your favourite market square is looking rather messy but fear not, as this is actually the start of improvement works on Globe Town market square.

In March 2021, Tower Hamlets council’s High Street team invited comments and feedback from local residents, businesses, market traders, and local community groups on the new design of Globe Town market square.

Proposed improvements included planting new trees, and adding new planters, more seating to the square, cycle stands and festoon lights. The existing traders’ pitches, which are home to Herberts Green Grocers, Roman Road Plants, and fish stall, Downey Brothers, will be retained. 

A spokesperson for the council said that the plans will ‘increase the number of trees on the square from one to 19 which will improve the look and feel of the square, provide solar shading and contribute to assisting air quality on the square.’ In addition, they said that the festoon lights ‘will make the space more inviting in the winter months and visually appealing from passers-by.’

They also added that it is hoped that the refurbishment of the square will generate new traders.

Works began at the end of September and are scheduled to be completed by December 2022. 

artists image of the layout of the new Globe Town Market Square in Globe Town, East London
Image courtesy of Tower Hamlets Council

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