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IKEA Kitchen pop-up to deliver meatballs in East London

IKEA teams up with Uber Eats to deliver Swedish meatballs straight to your door in the spirit of the Swedish tradition of Fredagsmys.

Have you ever considered travelling five miles across London to satisfy a craving for IKEA’s meatballs, covered in creamy gravy and Lingonberry jam? Well, we have. For all those who crave IKEA meatballs and always wondered why this heavenly dish cannot be delivered, here is some exciting news.

The Swedish furniture giant has partnered up with Uber Eats to celebrate the Swedish tradition of ‘Fredagsmys’, a Swedish cultural celebration to kick off the weekend by staying in on a Friday night with the family and friends. The word literally mean Friday (fredag) and cosy (mys).

To make cheating on social life even better, IKEA has created special packages including home accessories to ensure that people make the most out of their ‘staying in’ experience. These include:

  • The Snug – perfect for a couple or two friends enjoying evening Netflix and chill (£10 for 2 people): Meatballs x 20, Mash Potato or Chips, Cream Sauce, Lingonberry Jam, Daim Cake x 2, with SANELA cushion cover, AVSIKTIG napkins, NEW ODDRUN throw, SINNLIG scented candle.
  • The Formal – for last-minute dinner plans (£10 for 2 people): Veggie balls x20, Butternut squash, courgette and kale hash, Plain Sugar Donut x 2, with FLIMRA wine glass x 2, MARIT placemat, SMYCKA artificial flower, GULLMAJ napkin, STABBIG decoration for candle.
  • The Family Platter – when the whole family loves meatballs but you know visiting IKEA would make you drop £200 on scented candles and decorative pillows (£20 for 5 people): Meatballs x20, Veggie balls x20, Mash Potato or Chips, Butternut squash, courgette and kale hash, Cream Sauce, Lingonberry jam, Daim Cake x 2, Plain Sugar Donut x 2, with VINTER 2018 disposable cup x10 pack, VINTER 2018 disposable paper plate x10 pack, NEW STRALA LED lighting chain, FANTASTISK paper napkin, MARIT table runner

We know this all sounds too perfect, so no wonder there is a catch. The collaboration with Uber Eats only lasts five days and runs from November 16th to November 20th. To be able to order your desired package, you also have to live within two miles from the new IKEA Kitchen near Hoxton station.

If you don’t have the Uber Eats app already you’ll need to download it to take advantage of this collaboration. The kitchen isn’t open to the public for collection.

Luckily the western end of Roman Road falls in the two mile delivery radius. Sadly the rest of us will have to watch in envy.

We’re hoping that IKEA food delivery will be so popular it will gain a permanent place on the app and delivery will be extended to all parts of London.

IKEA has previously introduced a pop-up in Shoreditch which ran until September 2016, following a Christmas IKEA cafe pop-up in Westfield in December 2016.

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  • No way near as supportive of this as I would be small independent pop ups and food outlets


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