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Roman Road café Mae + Harvey share their recipe for a healthy breakfast

Pie and mash is a favourite with us on Roman Road, but with spring in the air, the craving for healthy food strikes. Luckily Roman Road’s Mae + Harvey serves up healthy food that tastes sinfully good. For World Health Day we persuaded owner Natasha to share one of her healthy breakfast recipes.

‘Eating healthily doesn’t mean eating only a tiny bit, or completely cutting out carbs’ explains Natasha. ‘If you want pancakes for breakfast, have them (but not every day!)’.

She agrees it might be better to have scrambled eggs and avocado, but reminds us of the importance of a healthy balance as well as doing what makes us happy. ‘Good for the mind and body’, she says.

Mae + Harvey get their fresh ingredients from the local Best Food Centre on the other side of the street, which has recently taken over an adjacent shop to expand their fruit and vegetable range .

If you don’t feel like having a salad, pop in and try their most popular dish – smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado waffle. It’s even better when accompanied by one of their famous, super healthy cold press juices, including the ever-popular Carrot, Orange & Ginger.

Mae + Harvey began making juices at home and selling them at markets and delivering to independent cafes around London.

‘Cold pressing is a different process, involves no heat. Heat is what damages all the nutrients and health benefits that the fruit and vegetables have – cold pressing is time consuming which is why we make our juice in batches and not made to order, they have a shelf life of just 2-3 days depending on what flavour the juice is. People assume when the juice isn’t made to order it isn’t fresh and will have preservatives, but ours don’t.’

Healthy tip 1: Cook from scratch using fresh and seasonal ingredients so you know exactly what you’re eating, this also makes cooking more creative and fun.

Healthy tip 2: Sesame oil + lemon makes any salad super tasty, however it’s not all about the dressing. Mixing different textures and vegetables are also very important.

Lastly, here is the recipe they have shared with us.

Scrambled eggs parsley + leeks on toast


3 x eggs
Handful of leeks
Handful of parsley
A knob of butter.


Melt the butter in a pan, add the leeks and fry them off until they are nice and soft. Whilst your leeks are cooking, crack three eggs into a bowl and whisk your eggs with salt and pepper. Once your leeks are done add the eggs keeping your pan on a low heat. Groove your eggs from the outside in and slowly scramble your eggs whilst they are cooking. Then, add the parsley. Pop your toast in whilst your eggs are cooking.
Serve with a sprinkle of chives and pepper.

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If you enjoy trying new recipes, why not have a look at Maybin’s Balinese smoothie bowl recipe?

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