Olga Primary School celebrate the unveiling of the Lotte mural. Credit Olga Primary
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Olga Primary School unveils a mural of Lotte, our East End Lioness

A striking blue and white portrait towering above Olga Primary’s playground hopes to inspire a new generation of Lionesses in Bow.

Just off the Roman Road behind Mile End Park lies Olga Primary School. Amidst its vibrant corridors and classrooms, one individual stands out as a symbol of aspiration and achievement—Lotte Wubben-Moy, our home-grown professional footballer who is making the East End proud by playing for the England national team.

Although she left Olga Primary years ago, Wubben-Moy has become a permanent feature of the school. The indelible mural is painted on a large, once-red brick exterior as a reminder and inspiration to the kids of the East End that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

At the centre of the school’s new mural is Wubben-Moy’s beaming face, proudly holding out the England badge sewn onto her football shirt. The top right features a speech bubble that reads, ‘A playground full of Lionesses,’ that peers down on the playground full of the next football stars.

School business manager Hasib Hikmat explained to us how the mural came about, 

‘The Football Association approached us in October as they wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day and encourage girls to take up football; Lotte didn’t actually know that she was going to be the face of it until later; I think it was quite a surprise for her!’

Hikmat described how having such a huge name in football, such as the FA, has boosted the school’s reputation in sporting achievements, 

‘Having the FA get in touch and create this amazing artwork is a really great legacy for the school; we are very grateful for the FA’s contribution in recognising the work that they do in promoting football for girls in inner London and, especially, girls who are from ethnic minorities’. 

Wubben-Moy took a trip back to Olga Primary for the unveiling of the mural at the beginning of March and was met by a throng of delighted school kids,

‘When she came to see the mural, Lotte signed hundreds of autographs for all the excited children at our school. She really has left a legacy of motivation for young girls at Olga and beyond, and it’s clear that many more girls are interested in trying out football in the borough,’ said Hikmat.

Lotte doing a coaching session at Olga Primary School, Roman Road, East London
Lotte coaching students at Olga Primary School. Credit Olga Primary

From her early days within the school’s walls, Wubben-Moy’s passion for football ignited, setting the stage for a remarkable journey towards sporting greatness, representing England as part of the EURO 2022-winning Lionesses.

The school provided Wubben-Moy with a platform to hone her skills and nurture her passion. The values instilled in her during her time at Olga Primary—discipline, teamwork, and resilience—would become the cornerstones of her success in the years to come.

Wubben-Moy’s journey from Olga Primary School to the international soccer stage is a testament to the transformative power of education and the unwavering support of a nurturing community. Today, she is a role model for aspiring athletes worldwide, inspiring countless young girls to chase their dreams and never give up on themselves.

‘Lotte has promised to return to visit the school soon and to continue promoting football among girls. Having such a celebrity here to highlight girls in football has been great as it is historically such a male-dominated area,’ said Hikmat.

The Lotte mural at Olga Primary School, Roman Road, East London
Lotte Wubben-Moy Mural. Credit Olga Primary

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