Coborn pub quiz master, Hemant, and bar staff Toni present their quiz on a Sunday night.
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East End pub quiz jackpots reaching record heights

With rollover jackpots upwards of £600, years of playing trivial pursuit are about to pay off … find our local pub quizzes where prizes are skyrocketing.

With cash prizes large enough to fund your Christmas shopping for the whole family, or even heat your home for a few months this winter, it’s no surprise that our local pubs are bursting at the seams on quiz night with customers hoping to win the jackpot. 

If your typical weeknight at home involves tuning into University Challenge on the sofa, shouting out the answers to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or playing Trivial Pursuit around the kitchen table, then it’s time to get out to one of our East End pubs and put your general knowledge to the test. 

The golden jackpot at the Morgan Arms has been rolling over for longer than general manager Khaitee Mill can remember, reaching a whopping £640, a sum larger than any quiz team has ever won at the pub. Word has spread about the Morgan Arms’ ever-growing pot of gold so we’d recommend booking in advance to reserve your table on a Tuesday as the pub fills up fast. 

With so much cash on the line, the golden question is kept in a sealed envelope and the theme of the question changes every week. And if the stakes weren’t high enough, only one member of each team can be nominated to answer the final jackpot round, so make sure you keep those fingers on the (figurative) buzzer. 

Head west from the Morgan Arms through Globe Town and you will find the Approach Tavern lying in the shadow of the iconic Cranbrook Estate. This classic pub heaves with hopeful quiz-goers every Tuesday night, welcoming a massive 80-100 players each week. 

Rolling over for the last six weeks, the next quiz jackpot will be somewhere between £640 – £660 depending on how many teams enter. As you can imagine with a pot that large, this one is known to get competitive. 

And if that’s not enough to choose from, the Lord Napier Star also hosts its weekly quiz on a Tuesday, which is probably a good thing to split the area’s brightest brains and give you a chance of winning the ultimate cash prize. A slightly more moderate (but by no means insignificant) jackpot of £317 was won by Team Ziggy this week, who bagged the largest cash prize the pub has ever seen.  

Another Bow favourite is The Coborn pub who’s Sunday quiz night has experienced a boom in footfall and regularly fills the pub to around 90% capacity. The Coborn’s quiz-master took charge of the quiz after lockdown and has been running a third place mystery prize that has included everything from scratch cards to local discount vouchers. 

Jumping on the bandwagon of the latest jackpot trend, third prize at the Coborn now features an advent calendar-themed rollover in which players have a one in 25 chance of winning the cash prize. Currently there is £32 in the pot but with no limits to the rollover who’s to say what heights this one could reach. You’ll need your thinking cap on though, rumour has it The Coborn’s seasoned quiz veterans rarely miss a week. 

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