The secret services of Roman Road

Roman Road is rightly renowned for its market, but let us never forget that it’s also packed full of fabulous shops. You can get just about anything done on a high street like the Roman.

What follows is an insider’s guide to the secret services of Roman Road. From 22ct gold tooth caps to pram repair, there’s more to most shops than meets the eye. There’s a whole lot of useful services you might be missing out on.

Where can I get my duvet washed on Roman Road?

When things get messy and washing the sheets won’t be enough, you’ll need somewhere to wash your duvet. The lovely folks at Bow Wash have you covered. Maybe you can pop round the corner to Randolfi’s for a sarnie while you wait.

Where can I get my fob fixed on Roman Road?

In addition to its old-school hardware nouse, Khan’s Locksmith & DIY at 166 Roman Road is a fantastic resource for fob keys and techy security systems. Fob keys are copied in seconds and prices start as low as £9.

Where can I get my pram wheels fixed on Roman Road?

The boys at Paradise Cycles know their wheels. Bicycles are their bread and butter, obviously, but Louis, James, and the boys will have a crack at most things that roll. (If the thing has an engine that’s kind of the cut-off point.) Fixing prams wheels is a popular request. They can even jazz up the push bar with handlebar tape if you ask (and pay) them nicely.

Where can I get my carpet cleaned on Roman Road?

Abbotts. The don of Roman Road. After being in business for well over a century most locals are pretty familiar with their floor laying, blind fitting, shutter installing ways. However, not everyone knows that they also clean carpets and upholstery. Not ones to mess about, the folks at Abbotts use the latest steam technology, whatever that means.

Where can I get my phone unlocked on Roman Road?

Highland Phone & PC Centre and Mobile PC Tech Ltd both provide a range of gizmo repair. The latter is indistinguishable from an early noughties internet cafe, but it’s plenty familiar with the latest technology. From phones to laptops to tablets they offer an alternative to the extortionate rates set by the likes of Apple..

Where can I get white appliances fixed on Roman Road?

Roman’s Bargain Store has been trading in new and second-hand white appliances for 17 years. But they don’t just sell, they fix too. If you want to give your fridge a new lease of life Roman’s Bargain Store is the place to go.

Where can I get clothes repaired and refitted on Roman Road?

Two excellent options are Stitches at 593 Roman Road and Whistles Boutique at 168. Stitches do tailoring and repairs on clothes as well as household items like pillows and curtains. Whistles Boutique is well established as the go-to place for men’s tailoring, but they also do alterations to women’s clothes and dresses.

Where can I get my picture framed on Roman Road?

GingerWhite at 103 Roman Road offers a bespoke framing service. The shop has a wide range of frame types to choose from, from vintage to contemporary, and even has a selection of glass types. If you’re looking for some quality printing, they also do giclee printing. And before you ask, yes, they sell sound absorbing panels that look like pieces of art.

Where can I get my jewelry repaired and resized?

If you need jewelry repaired, or rings resized, Gold n Image at 555 Roman Road has you covered. Selling is the store’s main business, offering a wide selection of bangles, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Where can I go for engravings on Roman Road?

Thompson’s DIY has been going strong on the Roman for 65 years and stocks thousands of hardware and domestic products. The Wakerleys, who run the business, are as knowledgeable as they come where DIY is concerned. On of their lesser known services is engraving. Their gizmo with engrave anything with a flat service (within reason), though the main request they get is for dog tags.

Where can I get tooth gems on Roman Road?

The question on everyone’s lips. Vividliy Chic has the answer. The beauty boutique at 418 Roman Road recently started providing genuwine Swarvoski 22ct gold tooth gems as a slick alternative to grills.

Something we’ve missed? Let us know so we can let everyone in on more Roman Road secrets.

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