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Classic Negroni – Symposium’s refreshing cocktail recipe

If you’re all about cheese and wine, you probably already know Symposium on Roman Road, the hot spot for gustatory kings and queens. Symposium London is best known for cooking up traditional Italian meals, authentic products and an exceptional wine list, with wines sourced from organic vineyards all over the world. What you might not know is that their Italy-inspired cocktails are also to die for.

Today, we’re bringing you a recipe for the ultimate classic – an iconic Italian Negroni. The cocktail was first invented in Florence in 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender in Café Cassoni (formerly Caffè Giacosa) to make his favourite cocktail Americano stronger by adding gin instead of soda. To jazz it up even more, the bartender added an orange garnish instead of a lemon and e voilà – the Negroni cocktail was born.

Negroni Cocktail Recipe

1/3 Gin

1/3 Campari

1/3 red vermouth

  • Grab an old-fashioned/long glass and fill it with ice
  • Pour 1/3 of gin, 1/3 of Campari and 1/3 of red vermouth over the ice (don’t worry if you don’t get the measurements 100 per cent right) and stir gently with a spoon
  • Garnish with a slice of orange, or with a twist of orange peel

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