Vehicle restrictions on Grove Road part of TfL proposals for cycle-friendly East London

Transport for London is proposing a cycle-friendly transformation of East London, affecting Hackney all the way to the Isle of Dogs.

If the plans are approved an uninterrupted 7.5km Cycleway could run through Hackney, Victoria Park, Bow, Mile End, and Limehouse, with construction beginning as early as this winter.

The plans are part of the Mayor of London’s transport strategy, which aims to encourage more walking, cycling, and use of public transport in the capitol.

Bow West councillor Val Whitehead said: “I’m keen to see an improved cycle route from Hackney to Isle of Dogs and discourage Grove Road as a commuting route but am also concerned about where local residents and businesses who need to cross Victoria Park will divert to. 

” TfL say they are unable to do traffic modelling until the Liveable Streets team has a working proposal, but I’m not clear that there will be another full consultation by TfL on the Victoria Park section so I would urge everyone who has a view, positive or negative, to respond to TfL.”

The consultation phase for the proposals ends on 21 June, with further consultations to take place for Grove Road and the Isle of Dogs at later dates.

Key parts of the proposals include:

  • Implementing a 20mph speed limit on Burdett Road
  • A dedicated cycling route running from Hackney to Limehouse
  • Making the stretch of Grove Road that runs through Victoria Park bus, cycle, and taxi only between 7am and 7pm
  • New trees planted throughout the route

The cycling route would be be given its own segregated lane on Burdett Road and West India Dock Road.

Designs for Grove Road and Old Ford Road roundabout will be consulted at a later date as part of the £3.3million Liveable Neighbourhoods project being led by Tower Hamlets Council.

Although the proposals are not environmentally focused, TfL hopes the improvements will prompt more Londoners to walk, cycle, and use public transport.

The proposals are part of TfL’s Vision Zero project, which aims to end deaths and serious injuries on London transport by 2041.

TfL predicts that the changes will improve the journey times of the 277 and D6 bus routes, although the 15 and 115 routes are expected to slow slightly. The number 8 route is unaffected by the proposed changes.

Subject to the results of the consultation, construction could begin as early as this winter.

Read the full proposals here. You can have your say on the TfL’s plans by filling in the official survey.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Email TfL at newcycleroutes@tfl.gov.uk
  • Call them on 0343 222 1155*

* service and network charges apply. Visit tfl.gov.uk/terms for details.

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Frederick O'Brien

Fred is a writer and researcher with a background in sustainable development. His research has featured in The Independent, the Evening Standard, and the New York Post, among others.

5 thoughts on “Vehicle restrictions on Grove Road part of TfL proposals for cycle-friendly East London

  • As a Bow resident who runs a small business employing 5 local people, providing services to Tower Hamlets and Hackney residents that they rely on, I’m keen that this proposal fully considers the impact on employment and business as well as safety and the environment.

    A key concern for me is the proposal to close the section of Grove Road through Victoria Park to cars. This will simply push traffic to roads around the park, increasing pollution and disruption on them as well as increasing safety risks on those roads.. Drivers will have increased journey time resulting in more pollution in general.

    I wholeheartedly support more dedicated cycle lanes but want to ensure all users are properly considered and consulted.

  • The Grove Road closure will dramatically increase traffic on the Roman and Old Ford Road, as well as the length and time of vehicles taking a circuitous route around Cambridge Heath, Well Street, Victoria Park Road and rat runs in between causing more pollution. It will divide two communities and, in winter when it gets dark from 4, I won’t feel safe walking along Grove Road.

  • I wholeheaetedly agree with Carolyn Clark , Grove road is one of the few roads where traffic runs smoothly , furthermore Grove road is one of the few stretches of road where the 277 runs quickly , it is incorrect to say it will improve the journey time of the 277 , I would say the bus will join the heavy rerouted traffic beyond old ford road to Mile End so will either make no difference or worsen the route time .

  • Very silly st stephens where i live is chokablocka with traffic made mile end park green strip to green bridge for bikes. Grove rd too small.

    • But how would bikes get through the railway?


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